DIY Rainbow Heart Banner for Valentine's Day
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DIY Rainbow Heart Banner for Valentine’s Day

Are you looking for ideas to decorate your house for Valentine’s Day that don’t empty your wallet? This DIY project should solve your problem. Instead of spending all your savings on decorations, make this easy rainbow heart banner for Valentine’s Day.

With simple materials readily available in your home, you can make a beautiful heart banner for your special someone in no time. The best part about this DIY craft is that you can customize it to your or your partner’s liking. You can even get your kids involved in this Valentine’s Day project, and they can decorate their room with it as a part of the celebration. So, let’s get to the tutorial right away so your house will be all decked up for the day of love.


  • Squares of craft felt in rainbow colors
  • Baker’s twine
  • Sewing machine or needle and thread
  • Scissors
  • Chalk
  • Heart-shaped cookie cutter
  • Batting (or fabric scraps)
  • Pins


  1. To make the DIY rainbow heart banner, fold the square piece of felt in half.
  2. Trace the heart shape on the back side of the felt with the help of a cookie cutter and chalk.
  3. Pin two pieces of felt paper together for ease of cutting. Cut them into a heart shape with the help of scissors without removing the pin.
  4. Set aside the cut and pinned pieces and repeat the process with other colors.
  5. Sew both pieces together along the edge in an extra wide stitch with contrasting thread. You could also hand-stitch these.
  6. Leave 2 inches open to add the batting. Alternatively, you can use fabric scraps if you don’t have batting handy.
  7. Stuff the batting/fabric scraps into the heart and sew up the last inch.
  8. Repeat the process with the other colors.
  9. Thread some baker’s twine into an embroidery needle and poke through the top end of one, threading it through to the other side. Make sure to put the colorful hearts in the order of the rainbow.
  10. Keep adding to the thread until they’re all nice and set.

Tada! Your pretty rainbow heart banner is ready for Valentine’s Day. You can hang it in a doorway or window to surprise your partner. Kids can hang this DIY project in their room to give it a mini makeover or use it to decorate their class if they are prepping for a Valentine’s Day party at school.

If you don’t have felt and can’t find it in the stores near you, you can use scrap fabric to make the rainbow heart banner. You can even make this banner with big or small hearts as per your liking (or have a variety of sizes to add intrigue). Moreover, you can thread them any way you want, horizontally or vertically.

To make the banner even more romantic, write cute messages for your dear ones on each heart and let them read them individually. We are sure your partner will appreciate your gesture and love the creativity that went into this DIY craft.

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