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DIY Crafts With Fabric for Kids

Fabric is a versatile material that can be transformed into various items if you use your creativity. From simple sewing projects to intricate crafts, fabrics offer endless possibilities for making fun DIY projects. Mamas, if you are looking for some easy DIY crafts for your little ones that use fabric, then we have a few options that you and your kiddo will enjoy. You can try these projects yourself or have a cute parent-child activity with your munchkin.


If you or your kid are a book lover, you should try making these fabric bookmarks. They will make a unique addition to your bookmark collection. Gather some scrap fabric, cut a small rectangle, fold it in half, and glue them together (or sew), keeping the top and bottom edges open. Then, pass a piece of yarn from between the fabric and glue it at the edges, leaving some of it dangling from the fabric.

If not yarn, you can use anything of your choice, like tassels, fun pictures, buttons of various shapes and colors, etc. Once done, let your kiddo personalize this DIY craft with fabric by writing their names or making designs with markers or paint.

2. Pencil toppers 

Your kid will love showing off this cute DIY project to their friends. You can use either scrap fabric or leftover felt fabric. If you are using scrap fabric, make sure it is thick enough to hold the structure.

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To make it easier for your kids, draw or take a printout of one of their favorite characters (or monsters) and use it as a template to cut the fabric (you will need two cut-outs). Once done, glue or sew both pieces of fabric together, drawing on the eyes with a fabric pen or creating one with the remaining fabric. Make sure to leave the bottom edge unstitched so that your kid can slide it onto their pencil.

Don’t make a giant cut-out, as it gets in the way of your kid’s writing. The pencil toppers should be small enough for kids to use their pencils without any issues. You and your kids can make finger puppets to play with in your free time using the same technique.

3. Coasters

DIY craft with fabric
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Let your child make colorful coasters for their room with fabric. Get some scrap fabric, cardboard, and a glue gun for this DIY project. Cut the cardboard in circles or any shape of your kid’s choice. Use them as a template to cut the fabric, leaving extra space around the cardboard to cover the edges. Once everything has been cut to size, glue the fabric onto the cardboard while covering the edges. Voila, your coasters are ready to be used. 

However, be mindful not to keep glasses with cold liquid on them as the condensed water on the outside may ruin the coasters (as the base is cardboard). This DIY craft with fabric will be a perfect addition to your kid’s play kitchen or pretend party set-up. You can also revamp your old photo frames by covering them in fabrics with fun prints.

4. Tassel garland

DIY craft with fabric
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Ask your kids to collect their worn-out clothes to make this tassel garland. Cut thin strips of the different colored t-shirts, tie them in a bunch like a tassel, and hang them on a string. The garland is ready to be hung above the headboard or anywhere in your kid’s room as a quick and easy wall decor.

You can even make several garlands with different colors for an ombre effect (it should be assembled similarly to a layered necklace). The best part is that this DIY craft with fabric is apt for kids of all ages.

Apart from these, you can even make fabric bracelets, pouches, scrunchies, etc. So, collect all your scrap fabric, get your kids, and start making these DIY projects with fabric. Also, in the comment section below, let us know which activity your kids loved the most.

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