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Easy Last-Minute DIY Gifts for Dads for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a few weeks away and now is an excellent time to start prepping your gifts. However, life tends to get in the way, and sometimes, we catch ourselves with just a few days left for all the preparation. If you are still trying to figure out what to give your dad and Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, here are a bunch of last-minute DIY gifts that will be perfect.

You can gift these crafts not only to your father but also to your grandfather and brother. You can even ask your kids to join in to make the DIY project for your partner and watch their faces brighten as their little one hands them a gift on the day of love.

All you need are some simple materials (readily available in most houses) and patience. These last-minute DIY gifts for dads for Valentine’s Day will be ready in the blink of an eye.

1. 3D Lollipop Card

A 3D lollipop card is a cute and easy DIY gift idea for dads this Valentine’s Day. You only need a sweet picture of you and your dad (pick one you don’t see around the house often). Then, with a few punctures made in the photo, you only have to slide the lollipop in.

Voila, a delicious and adorable Valentine’s Day card is ready for the man who treats you the best in the world. If your dad isn’t a fan of lollipops, you can even slide in some candy or toffee (pick the ones you and your dad enjoyed together).

2. Etched Pint Glasses

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If you often spot your dad chugging a tall glass of water or beer, give him an etched pint glass with messages like “Love you dad,” “Thank you for being there,” etc. Use a stencil to ensure the text doesn’t come out wonky, and your dad will be one happy man on Valentine’s Day.

You can elevate this DIY project by gifting him seven glasses with different messages on each glass, one for each day of the week.

3. Personalized Leather Key Chain

Quick, cool, and functional, these nifty little key chains are the perfect Valentine’s Day gifts for dads. You can even ask your crafty kiddos to make one for their father to make your partner’s day. The dads will happily carry this homemade key chain everywhere they go.

4. Wacky Photo Coasters

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Another photo-centric DIY gift for dads is coasters. And we are not talking about an ordinary coater. Go as wacky as you can get with these coasters so your dad has a good laugh whenever he tries to put his glass down. For added fun, you can even stick quirky pictures of your dad’s favorite movie stars, show scenes, etc. Pair them with a six-pack of his favorite craft beer, and you’ll have a hit. This would also pair well with the etched pint glasses mentioned above.

5. Hand Painted Tie

With some fabric paint and a plain tie, you and your kiddos can create a heart-studded work of art for your partner this Valentine’s Day. He’ll wear it with pride and think of you every time the compliments roll in. You can also gift him a hand-painted shirt, bag, or even an apron if he loves to cook (even if he doesn’t, he can use it while doing the dishes).

6. Heart-Shaped Pepperoni Pizza

If your dad or partner are pizza lovers, surprise them with a heart-shaped pepperoni pizza. You can tweak the recipe to fit their taste, as the shape of the pizza base is what’s important for this gift. This will be a guaranteed hit on Valentine’s Day because who doesn’t love pizza? Just make sure the littles don’t get their hands on it before your partner gets to enjoy it in all its glory.

Which of these DIY Valentine’s Day gift ideas did you shortlist for your dad (or your munchkin’s dad)? Do share it with us in the comment sections below.

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