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Super Easy Easter Egg Basket Ideas

Are you prepared for Easter? Food, games, and everything in between has to be planned well. With Easter approaching, we know you must have a rough idea in your mind by now. However, have you planned the design of your Easter egg baskets? Where’s the fun in handing out treats in bags when you can amp it up with cute baskets?

Distribute your treats in adorable, festive, and within-budget baskets that your guests will cherish forever. If you have not planned or even thought about how to decorate the Easter egg baskets, fret not. We have some super easy Easter egg basket ideas that are cute and pocket-friendly.

1. Mason jar bunny basket

If you have any leftover mason jars, now is a good time to reuse them as Easter egg baskets. Glue paper bunnies or bunny ears on the jar, write a cute message on the bunny/bunny ears, fill it with treats, and tie a ribbon or thread along the rim. Your basket is ready for your family members, colleagues, and neighbors.

2. Craft stick Easter basket

Easter Egg basket
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Take any unused plastic tin or can and cover the entire thing with wooden craft sticks on the outside. You can leave it as it is, color it, or draw on the sticks and fill it with Easter treats for your loved ones. You can also make an adorable-looking basket using ice cream sticks or lollipop sticks.

3. Paper Easter basket

Is your kid good at paper craft? Then, give them the task of making colorful paper baskets. They can make checkboard patterns with the help of scissors, cardstock, and glue guns, or even make origami baskets for Easter treats.

4. No-sew rope Easter basket

Easter Egg basket
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A no-sew rope basket is an excellent idea for an aesthetically pleasing Easter egg basket without much fuss. Just dip-dye the rope in acrylic craft paint before gluing it on an empty container. Since the craft requires little effort, kids can help you with the egg basket. Just ensure they are wearing gloves while handling the hot glue gun and working under adult supervision.

5. Basket for the adults

Want to gift an Easter egg basket to your girlfriends or your mom? Grab empty containers online or at your nearby supermarket and fill them with some of their favorite items like wine, chocolates, candles, etc. If you are on a tight budget, fill the basket with homemade Easter treats, some thank you notes/cards, and glitter, and tie it with a cute ribbon. Your basket for adults is now ready!

6. Yarn Easter basket

Easter Egg basket
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It’s time to use all that leftover yarn kept in your closet. Glue them around a big plastic cup or basket to make an Easter egg basket. You can cover the cup with similar colored yarn or use colorful yarns for an ombre or monochrome effect.

7. Paper bunny bags

If you have paper bags in your house, reuse them to make Easter bags. Cut paper bags to make bunny-ear shapes, draw eyes and whiskers with a black marker, and attach a pom-pom tail to complete the bunny bag. Now, fill the bag with all the Easter goodies and gift it to your loved ones.

The best thing about all these Easter egg basket ideas is that you can reuse them in various ways (if you have any extras), such as storing your condiments, kids’ crayons, etc. So, which of these egg basket ideas will you use to give away Easter treats this year? Do share with us in the comment section below!

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