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11 Egg-citing Easter Games For Kids

Like many families, our annual Easter tradition involves hunting for eggs. But this year, we want to add some Easter games for kids to our neighborhood egg hunt.

Each year, a larger group of kiddos join the hunt as more families move into our ‘hood. Once the hunt is over, parents stand around talking while the kids tear into the candy hidden in their eggs. The kids love it, and it’s great to see all the neighbors come out of hibernation from the brutal Minnesota winter, but I think everyone would appreciate a few more activities to pass the time before the Easter ham hits the table.


That’s where these Easter games come in. From Easter egg bingo to bunny-themed bowling to an extra-hoppity sack race, we’ve tracked down the best ways to entertain your little chicks after they’ve scouted out the final hidden eggs.

Looking for some fun Easter games for kids to keep your family busy after the egg hunt ends? These Easter games will ensure that everyone (including the adults) will have a blast for hours.

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11 Egg-citing Easter Games For Kids

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