easter peeps

13 Epic Things You Can Do With Leftover Easter Peeps

I love any holiday that involves candy. For me, it’s all about the sugar. Every Easter, we go to our town egg hunt, then we host one for the neighborhood kids, and we swing by the seasonal aisle every time we’re at Target to pick up some timely sweets. Lately, we’ve been experimenting with every flavor of Marshmallow Easter Peeps to find our favorite. All that taste testing inevitably leads to leftovers, and those sugar coated marshmallows are the perfect way to add a pop of color to desserts and craft projects.

If you’ve got a box of Easter Peeps to spare, scroll through this slideshow. From over-the-top colorful spring desserts to craft projects, you won’t have to let a single one of those leftover Easter Peeps go stale.

More Leftover Solutions:

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