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11 Egg-Citing Easter Games for Kids

Like many families, we are sure your annual Easter tradition involves hunting for eggs. How about taking the Easter celebration to a whole new level this year with some games lined up for your kids? Here are some fun games you and your kiddos can play before the Easter ham hits the table. These will keep your kids busy for hours while you enjoy doing other things.

1. DIY Easter checkers

Turn your old egg cartons into a chicks vs. bunnies checker game with an easy DIY project. It’s a craft first and an Easter game later, which you and your family can make and play together. Plus, it’s a mind game, so your kids will most likely play it for hours on end while thinking about the perfect moves to win. Moreover, since it is a mind game, they can replay it as many times as they want.

2. Roll-a-bunny printable Easter game

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This is the perfect Easter game for preschoolers or toddlers who are learning numbers and matching. To play this game, kids have to roll a dice to put the bunny together. This game doubles as a sneaky way to get the younger ones to develop their fine motor skills as well.

3. DIY Easter bowling alley

Break out the pool noodles, Easter wrapping paper, and paper cups or bottles to create a bunny-approved bowling alley for the kiddos. You can let the kids play individually or compete in groups to see who has the best shots.

4. Jellybean pickup Easter game

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It’s a fun game for kids and adults alike. Put one minute on the timer, and challenge everyone to move as many jellybeans as possible from one bowl to another with nothing more than a straw and their breath. Make sure the straw is not large enough that any of the jellybeans can get sucked in. Otherwise, it will be a choking hazard.

5. Watercolor-crayon Easter egg hunt

This is another fun game for the toddlers. Draw lots of Easter eggs on white paper with the help of white crayons. Then, ask your kid to add watercolor paint to reveal them and write down the number of hidden eggs. Things might get messy, but a thick towel and kids’ apron are all you need to avoid the mess.

6. Easter bunny potato sack race

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You all must have played sack race as kids. So, this time, play along with your kids. Add fluffy cotton tails to the back of each sack to give an Easter-themed twist to the traditional game. Your kids will love hopping around and chasing one another. Ensure you play this on level ground covered with grass to avoid injuries.

7. DIY bunny bean bag toss

Paint an adorable rabbit onto a large piece of cardboard. Cut out the mouth and belly to create two different zones for kiddos to aim for. The child who gets the maximum number of eggs or carrots through the holes can choose the next game.

8. Easter egg coloring bingo game

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Give a twist to the traditional bingo by calling out color names instead of numbers and letters to help kids win (and complete a colorful picture). The little one who colors the egg first gets the first serve of dessert.

9. Make an Easter pinata

Take out all your craft materials and make a giant pinata egg with the family for the Easter celebration. Once done, hang it and let the kids aim with their eyes closed.

10. Easter egg tower

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Put your little one’s construction skills to the test with this game. Use chopped-up cardboard tubes and ask your child to build wobbling egg towers (with the same or different colors) in under a minute. If you have family visiting, you can split them into groups to work on the tower.

For added fun, hide the eggs in easy-to-find areas and ask the groups to grab them before making the tower (increases the time duration to make the tower). It will be an exciting game to play with everyone.

11. Funny bunny feet

Your kids will love running around with giant bunny feet while putting the eggs in the basket. You can order the giant bunny feet online or make some for the Easter game. This game is guaranteed to incite a feat of laughter.

Apart from these Easter games, you can also play Pin the Bunny Tail, Easter Bingo, etc. So, decide on the Easter games now, start your preparations, and celebrate the day laughing and clicking adorable pictures of your little ones. And don’t forget to share your kid’s favorite Easter game with us in the comment section below.

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