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Creative Ways To Decorate Easter Eggs

Easter is about a month away. Are you bored of the same old routine with the same old activities and looking for a fun way to celebrate Easter with your little ones? If yes, these exciting DIY Easter egg ideas will come in handy. The DIY projects are fun and creative, allowing you to enjoy wholesome parent-child time.

With so many creative ideas out there, it’s hard to decide which ones to try. To make things easier, we have listed some of the best ways to decorate Easter eggs, and you can involve the entire family, including the littles. Try these innovative DIY Easter egg decorating methods, and you might discover your newest family tradition for Easter.

1. Craft thread Easter eggs

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Do you have leftover colorful craft threads at home? Then, it’s time to make good use of them. Make a bold and bright statement by covering your eggs with threads. It is the perfect DIY Easter egg project for all the thread heads!

2. Put family’s faces on Easter eggs

Your kids will love this creative way to decorate Easter eggs. Moreover, the rest of your family will get a kick out of these. Use silly photos and colorful props to decorate your eggs. You can use them as place cards for Easter brunch or hide them for the egg hunt.

3. Pom-pom Easter eggs

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Who said eggs can’t be covered with pom-poms? Mix and match pom-pom and dye colors for unique, fuzzy spotted eggs. This creative way of decorating Easter eggs is excellent for keeping toddlers busy for hours. It also promotes better hand-eye coordination, making it a win-win for all.

4. Mini Easter egg planters

Does your child love plants? Then, they will love this creative DIY with eggs. Decorate eggs with paint, draw simple flowers on the eggs, or write fun plant quotes and paste them on mini pots. They will make the perfect decorative piece for your dining table.

5. Dye Easter eggs with silk neckties

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Indeed, you can dye Easter eggs using old silk neckties. Wrap them in the fabric and boil them in water and vinegar solution. It’s a lot of fun to see what comes out because each egg is different depending on the fabric and how you wrap it. Ensure kids only get to select the design of the scarf and wrap them around the egg. Don’t let them get near the boiling water to prevent accidental burns.

6. Rubber band-patterned Easter eggs

This is yet another fun DIY project for your kiddos. Use rubber bands to create modern, minimalistic patterns on your Easter eggs. Wrap some rubber bands around the eggs and dip them in dye (pick a color of your or your kid’s choice). With this super easy technique, your munchkins will have a blast creating fun patterns.

7. Jeweled Easter eggs

Decorative eggs on holographic foil background
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If you’re weary of using dyes (or want to avoid the mess), this project is great for adults and little hands alike. Stick-on gems make for the perfect amount of sparkle and have a chic element to them. You can also use glitter to make the eggs extra sparkly.

8. Easter egg mix-and-match sculptures

Elevate your decorated eggs to art with this fun Easter sculpture project! You only need eggs, wooden skewers, paint, and craft clay to make the stand. Make different-shaped sculptures for a unique piece of art for decorating your Easter table.

9. Easter egg people

Minimalist Easter decoration on white Easter eggs. Eggs are smiley, beautiful and cute. They are placed in green egg container surrounded by small white dry flowers.
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If you and your kids loved working on the sculpture, you will also love this Easter egg decoration project. You can paint the costumes or get printable outfits to add a playful twist to the typical Easter egg. They are super fun, and the colorful outfits are a perfect way to camouflage the eggs and hide them for the egg hunt.

10. Golden bunny Easter egg

Your kids will be hunting everywhere for the goose that lays golden eggs when they spy on these gold leaf beauties. A perfect, lovely touch for an Easter party!

So, mommies, select some fun Easter egg projects from this list, get the supplies, and start working on them with your kids. They will love these super cute and easy DIY projects. Also, don’t forget to share with us which DIY Easter egg project they loved the most in the comment section below.

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