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Best Dessert Ideas for Mother’s Day

Surprise your mom with decadent desserts this Mother’s Day to celebrate her big day. And if you are new to baking, worry not; there are some dessert ideas on the list that do not require much expertise. There is something for everyone on this list. From creamy to fruity, you will find various dessert options, and we can guarantee at least one of them will suit your mom’s tastebuds.

1. Heart Cookies

Take your cookie game up a notch by making these heart cookies. Moreover, nothing says they are special than heart-shaped cookies. Top them with cream cheese or buttercream frosting in your mom’s favorite color, and don’t forget to add some sprinkles for a perfect Mother’s Day dessert. If you can’t make the frosting, either cover the entire cookie with melted chocolate, dip half of the cookie in melted dark chocolate, or write, “I Love You, Mom,” on the cookies to surprise her.

2. Lemon Cream Cake

It is hard to resist something lemony, especially with summer coming up and our tastebuds craving something bright and fresh. So, bake this lemon cream cake for your family brunch or afternoon tea to celebrate Mother’s Day. The vanilla cake with thick lemon cream has just enough tanginess to refresh everyone’s tastebuds.

3. Mini Chocolate Pecan Pies

dessert idea for Mother's Day
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If your mom is not a creamy dessert kind of person, surprise her with this nutty dessert instead on Mother’s Day. This pie is not creamy or overly sweet. Moreover, pecans, cinnamon, and chocolate chips elevate the taste of the pie. You can skip chocolate chips altogether if your mom is not a chocolate lover. Also, you can replace pecans with walnuts or hazelnuts if they are the nuts of your mom’s choice. The best thing is that they are mini individual treats, perfect as a grab-and-go dessert.

4. Rosé Sangria Floats

How about serving a unique drink on Mother’s Day, which is also a dessert? This rosé sangria float combines drinks and desserts into one. Raspberry sorbet, fresh fruit, and a bottle of dry rosé come together in a glass for a delicious treat that’s sweet and refreshing at the same time. We are sure this dessert will surprise your mom and everyone at the table.

5. No-Bake Fruit and Granola Tart

This tart is one of the best dessert options for newbies still learning about baking. The no-bake dessert is a perfect sweet treat for Mother’s Day. You must combine all the ingredients in the food processor, refrigerate it, and then top it with whisked yogurt and fresh berries. If your mom is on a diet, this healthy dessert will get a thumbs-up from her.

6. Lemon-Blueberry Cheesecake Bars

dessert idea for Mother's Day
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This is a combination that your mom will relish throughout the day. The recipe will come together in minutes with the store-brought crescent roll dough. Instead of a cranberry filling, the recipe uses blueberries to complement the lemony cream cheese mixture, resulting in a sweet, creamy layer along with fruity filling layered between flaky pastries that your family will love.

7. Red Velvet Ice Cream

Who does not enjoy a scoop (or multiple scoops) of ice cream? So, make this delectable ice cream with a buttermilk base, cream cheese frosting, and cocoa powder for that iconic red velvet flavor. Add in some crumbled red velvet cake for a bit of texture. Alternatively, you can make chocolate or vanilla ice cream if your mom likes those flavors over others. But do try to make an ice cream recipe for Mother’s Day to end the celebration on a sweet note.

So, shortlist the dessert ideas, get the ingredients, and whip them up in the kitchen to celebrate the most remarkable woman in your life, your mom. Also, do let us know which dessert idea you finalized for Sunday in the comment section below.

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