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Delicious Dessert Ideas for Father’s Day

Dads deserve the best sweet treats for all that they do for their little ones. This is why here are some of the most delicious dessert ideas your dad will love to indulge in on Father’s Day. From fruity to chocolaty bliss, there are plenty of options for your dad. Some of these dessert ideas are great for beginners and easy to make on Father’s Day, while others might be more time-consuming. Nonetheless, they all taste absolutely divine. So, you can choose any dessert depending on your baking skill and the time you have before you surprise your dad.

1. Affogato

Affogato is a classic Italian dessert you can easily make on Father’s Day. It will hardly take more than 10 minutes. You have to assemble a scoop or two of vanilla ice cream or gelato, a shot of hot espresso, and liqueur (optional). To make it more fun, top the dessert bowl with chocolate shavings, toasted pistachios, or wafer cookies and serve them with biscotti. You can use store-bought ice cream and make the espresso at home for a quick dessert post-meal.

2. Chocolate-Almond Pretzel Clusters

This is a great dessert idea for Father’s Day, especially if your dad loves fruity treats. This recipe has the perfect balance of fruit and chocolate and is made with semi-sweet chocolate, crushed pretzels, almonds, and freeze-dried strawberries.

3. Banana Cream Pudding

Father’s Day dessert ideas
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Banana Cream Pudding is a classic dessert that all dads tend to love. This sweet treat will be rich and creamy with layers of banana-vanilla pudding, slices of ripe banana, vanilla wafer cookies, and whipped cream. Your kids will love to spread the layers and cut the banana for this recipe. However, the pudding needs time to set, so make sure to make the dessert a day before Father’s Day.

4. Classic Ice Cream Sandwiches

If your dad loves the combination of ice cream with brownies or cakes, then this dessert idea is for you. Surprise your dad with an ice cream sandwich with chocolate cake layers and ice cream this Father’s Day. Then, cut your creation into a sandwich shape. You can also make this recipe with store-bought cake and ice cream to save time. Just remember to make it beforehand so it can freeze well.

5. Bacon Weave S’mores

This is a dessert where bacon is used instead of graham crackers and then paired with chocolate and marshmallows. This 4-ingredient dessert idea is the ultimate sweet and salty Father’s Day treat for all the dads who are not too fond of extremely sweet desserts.

6. Milk ‘N’ Cookies Icebox Cake

Cookies, cream cheese, heavy cream, and powdered sugar are all you need to make this sweet treat for your father. Layer them up and see how well the cookie absorbs all the liquid and turns into a cake-like texture. Your kids can also make this recipe, as not much cooking is required (provided you use store-bought cookies and cream cheese). However, prepare them a day ahead as they need time to set. This 4-ingredient dessert idea will surely be a hit on Father’s Day.

Apart from these dessert ideas, you can make Coconut Key Lime Cheesecake Bars, Strawberry Pop-Tart Blondies, Grilled Peaches, Cookie Butter No-Churn Ice Cream, Raspberry Cream Pie, Oreo Brownies, and Fruit Pizza.

So, think about what type of sweet treat your dad enjoys the most, select the dessert that best suits his tastebuds, and get the ingredients to surprise your old man on his special day. Also, don’t forget to mention what dessert you prepared on Father’s Day in the comment section below.

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