I Let My Daughter Wear Whatever She Wants

When I was 14 and graduating from junior high school, I wore what I damn well pleased. “What I damn well pleased” happened to be a slinky evening gown. It was a basic slinky evening gown, mind you, sleek and powder blue without frills. Since I was a late bloomer, I stuffed my foam bikini […]


21 Things That Happen Once You Put a Kid to Bed

The day is over. The moon is hanging in an inky sky. Adorable yawns stretch sweet lips and rumpled pajamas have been on for a while now. It is time for the little ones to go to sleep. You take their hands and lead a parade to their bedrooms. One by one you go through […]


21 Things Kids Will Always Find Funny

One of the many awesome things about being a kid is that life hasn’t dumped too many responsibilities on them yet, smothering their funny bones into the exhausted and only slightly amused calcifications that live in the arm bends of us grown-ups. Kids find joy and laughter in the smallest of moments and most ridiculous […]


21 Things that Happen When You Hire a Sitter

A nice thing about being a grown-up is that—with a little help from our BFF coffee—we can stay up late to go out on a date with our beloved any time we want to. Sometimes this is decided on a whim, others it’s planned far in advance. In both cases, it sounds a lot easier […]