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21 Things Kids Will Always Find Funny

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One of the many awesome things about being a kid is that life hasn’t dumped too many responsibilities on them yet, smothering their funny bones into the exhausted and only slightly amused calcifications that live in the arm bends of us grown-ups. Kids find joy and laughter in the smallest of moments and most ridiculous of things. We adults could really learn from them, get reminded of how we used to be.

If you’re feeling the need for one of those reminders or an overall pick-me-up, giggling kids are a wonderful remedy. All you need to do is supply one of the following things that crack kids up, and you’ll be feeling more easily snickerish in no time.

1. Farts. 

2. Pets in costumes.

3. Animals acting like humans.

4. People falling down.

5. Hearing even littler kids say curse words.

6. Realizing they put a piece of clothing on backwards (again)

7. The repeating game. The repeating game.

8. Poop. The word. The topic. The emoji.

9. Melodramatic overreactions.

10. Wedgies.

11. Silly song lyrics.

12. When shoes make fart noises.

13. Terrible knock-knock jokes.

14. When their parents are annoyed because the kid won’t stop telling terrible knock-knock jokes.

15. Cute babies.

16. Burps.

17. Very very very very dumb cartoons.

18. When they start trying to tell a story but it’s so funny to them they start giggling and become unable to say the words so the person listening is all, “Calm down and just tell me” which makes them laugh even harder.

19. Splashing someone who just said, “Do NOT splash me.”

20. Making bubbles in the tub.

21. Butts. Just…butts.

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