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21 Things Every Mom Will Eventually Receive for Valentine’s Day

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The most chocolatey time of the year is here! While Valentine’s Day is targeted mostly toward romantic relationships, we moms know it’s for all kinds of sweethearts. Once you have kids, it’s hard not to give them a little something on February 14th to show you love them. In return, kids always give their moms a treat, too—usually with help from a teacher or other parent.

Here are some of the goodies every mom can expect to get over the years, from DIY Valentine’s Day gifts to purchases requiring the influence and assistance of someone with access to a credit card and set of wheels. Enjoy your treats, my sweets!

1. A variety of “#1 Mom” mugs.

2. A vacuum or other thing to clean with “from the baby” (as a joke).

3. An exorbitant gift card for a spa day “from the toddler” (to make up for last year’s joke gift).

4. A macaroni necklace that MUST be worn all day long, no matter what.

5. A foam picture frame with foam sticker hearts all over it.

6. A pinch pot so small it only barely fits a few buttons.

7. Art that needs explanation.

8. A decoupaged vase with a fake flower blooming from it.

9. A handmade card with painted handprints on it and a super sappy poem inside, which sprinkles glitter EVERYWHERE.

10. Stale Halloween candy from a stash you didn’t know still existed.

11. Fancy chocolates.

12. A jewelry dish and ring that will absolutely turn your finger green.

13. A homemade coupon book with offers for things like help cleaning and a day of not fighting with their brother, which expire immediately.

14. A mason jar with sugar cookie mix or brownie mix inside and a recipe attached to the lid, which is topped with hearts made out of thumbprints.

15. Clay shaped into a heart and brightly painted that weighs about five pounds.

16. A candle that smells so strongly it singes one’s nose hairs.

17. Bath salts.

18. Flowers from the grocery store.

19. An adorably inedible breakfast in bed, including coffee with something whiteish that is DEFINITELY not milk in it.

20. Hershey Kisses.

21. Real (probably sticky) kisses, which were the only thing we hoped for in the first place.

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