Recipe for how to make rice paper rolls quickly

Fridge-Clean-Out Rice Paper Rolls

If you’re anything like me, I have little bowls of ‘stuff’ in the fridge all the time. Little bits of rice, a leftover sausage or two and maybe a slice of quiche that’s a day away from needing to go in the compost. I say get crafty and pull all that ‘stuff’ together to make them a really yummy dinner – make rice paper rolls, baby.

We have these for dinner at least once a week and boy have I noticed a reduction in our ‘throw out’ pile. The bonus is that it’s such a fun dinner to get the kids helping with.

I adore making rice paper rolls because they can take on any flavour. Traditionally, they have a yummy Asian taste but the rice paper is so mildly flavoured that you can pair it anything. Think Italian meatballs (yep, it does work) and I’ve even mashed rice with leftover Indian curry and rolled it up in these babies. It’s such a yummy way to eat leftovers. Make yourself different dipping sauces to match or just have them without.

Here’s my most recent creation.

Rice paper rolls recipe

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