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Easy Recipes To Make with Rice Paper

Rice paper can be used in many ways to make delicious recipes, whether you fry it in oil or simply roll it up. These almost translucent thin sheets are traditionally made by mixing white rice flour, salt, tapioca flour, and water, making it the perfect plant-based and gluten-free base for delectable sauces.

Moreover, you can make them at home or buy them online or from your local grocery store. The best part is that they are super easy to work with. So, if you always crave some spring rolls or are looking for easy meal prep options, try these recipes with rice paper. You and your family will surely love the dishes!

1. Crispy Rice Paper Dumplings

If you love crispy dumplings like potstickers, try using rice paper to roll your filling. Once done, take a pan seared in some oil, toss in the dumplings, and cook until golden (if you like it extra crispy, wait until golden brown). Your dumplings will be crispy, chewy, and delicious. You can try fillings like chicken, beef, prawns, tofu, or crunchy vegetables, and your dumplings will surely turn out juicy yet crispy with rice paper wrapping.

If you want, skip the frying and roll your ingredients in damp rice paper for a quick, no-fuss meal. You can also try other recipes like Vietnamese rice paper rolls, where the filling is made with umami-packed stir-fried veggies, vermicelli rice noodles, mint, bean sprouts, shrimp, wild rice, quinoa, broccoli, etc.

Make sure you use the right size of rice paper to make your vegetarian, non-vegetarian, or vegan dumplings. Also, to elevate your dish further, serve the peanut dipping sauce alongside the dumplings.

2. Rice Paper Pizza

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We bet you have not heard of this rice paper recipe. It’s one of the best time-saving hacks for making a pizza. It is a popular Vietnamese street food called Bánh Tráng Nướng. Topped with egg, cheese, spring onion, and canned meat finished with mayonnaise and sriracha, this grilled rice paper recipe is perfect for a quick meal or snack for the crowd. The best thing is that you can easily cook this pizza at home using whatever is left in your fridge as toppings.

3. Rice Paper Chips

Turn that rice paper into chips if you need a crunchy snack with your tea or other hot beverage. This is one of the easiest last-minute recipes you can make for anyone anytime in under five minutes.

Simply cut the rice paper sheets into large pieces (as they will be easier to work with), and deep fry them until they puff up and turn crispy. You can also make them in a microwave for an oil-free option. Lastly, sprinkle homemade or store-bought seasoning of your choice to elevate its taste.

4. Crispy Egg Wraps

Make crispy egg wraps with rice paper for a protein-rich breakfast. Scrambled eggs are wrapped and pan-fried for a crispy texture. It is also an excellent grab-and-go snack or lunch-box idea for little ones. If not eggs, try different fillings of your choice to make it to your liking.

5. Homemade Sushi

If you do not like nori or have trouble rolling sushi with a mat, try making it with rice paper instead. You can make different types of sushi rolls with rice paper without putting in extra effort.

So, wait no more! Grab some rice paper from your local grocery store and try these recipes with it. Also, don’t forget to mention your favorite dish that uses rice paper in the comment section below.

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