Barilla Pesto Lunch Box Rolls

Cheesy-Pesto Lunch Box Rolls


I’ve got two little boys. Two VERY hungry little boys. You know the ones that follow you into the kitchen, ask for their lunch box on the way to daycare and seem to repeat “what else can I eat” 985 times a day? Yep, those kind.

So quick, freezable snacks/lunch box favourites are a lifeline for me, and these delicious cheesy-pesto lunch box rolls fit the bill perfectly.

I adore making these, they’re so quick, and the flavour options are endless. You can keep it simple with just cheese in the middle, or add some ham, maybe even a veg or two. The key is the delicious Barilla Pesto Genovese on the outside. The oil in the pesto makes the rolls lovely and soft, and the flavour makes sure every mouthful is delicious. My two would finish the whole tray in 5 minutes if I let them!


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