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Top Foods To Avoid Packing In Your Kid’s Lunch Box

Mamas, we are sure you must be making terrific lunch box meals for your kids to get them through school hours. However, have you ever wondered whether the food items are suitable for lunch boxes? You should avoid a few foods when packing kid’s lunch boxes.

Some items get spoilt by the time kids get to their food, hampering their taste. On the other hand, others don’t provide enough nutrients as they are filled with too much salt, sugar, and preservatives, impacting your child’s overall health.

1. Packaged drinks

Yes, they are convenient to carry and easy to drink for littles, but they are also one of the top foods to avoid packing into your kid’s lunch box. Have you read the nutritional information on the packaged drink? You will be surprised to see how much sugar goes into the drink to increase its shelf life. Furthermore, so-called fruit juices contain few to no natural fruits.

While occasionally giving such beverages might be okay, packing them in your kid’s lunch box daily isn’t a good idea as it can lead to sugar spikes and other health problems. Instead, keep them hydrated during school hours with homemade lemonade or fresh coconut water. Fresh fruits do the trick as well and are packed with health benefits.

2. Instant noodles

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If you are thinking of packing this food in your kid’s lunch box, please avoid it whenever possible. Made with all-purpose flour and preservatives, these noodles have empty calories, which will only fill your kid’s tummy and not provide the energy needed to stay active in school. Moreover, instant noodles have no nutritional value and damage gut health.

Instead of instant noodles, you can make healthy noodles at home with zucchini or toss regular noodles with veggies and sauce for your kid’s lunch box. You can also use noodles made with whole wheat or other healthy ingredients.

3. Leftovers

Avoid packing leftovers in your kid’s lunch box. While everyone loves some leftovers, all that curry, creamy sauce, dips, and mushy veggies will spoil by the time your kids get to their lunch, especially during summer. The worst part is that your kid might not even realize it and may end up having an upset tummy or food poisoning.

4. Food with mayonnaise

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Be it salads, sandwiches, or dips, avoid packing food with mayonnaise for your kid’s lunch box. It will go bad by the time kids have their lunch. Instead, use hung curd or Greek yogurt with lime juice to add that creaminess to the dish. They are a healthier option than mayonnaise and good for the gut as well.

5. Packaged bars

Be it store-bought granola bars or other packaged snack items, you should avoid these foods for your kid’s lunch box. These bars and snacks are loaded with sugars, fats, and refined starch, which will do no good to your kid’s health. Instead, make the bars at home with chopped nuts and berries, or get the ones that are high in nuts, seeds, and oats and have very little added sugar.

Apart from these, avoid regularly packing fried food (packaged or homemade) in lunch boxes as they don’t provide much nutritional value. You should also avoid processed meats or cold-cut meats, store-bought sweets, candies, and baked goods. Pack fresh and nutritious meals in your kid’s lunch box as they need a lot of it during their growing days.

So, mommies, pack nourishing and tasty meals for your kids’ lunch boxes to keep them healthy. What do you usually pack for your little ones to snack on during school lunch? Do let us know in the comment section below!

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