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10 Ways To Introduce New Foods to Your Kids

Introducing new foods to your kids is a challenging task since kids are still developing their taste preferences. It takes time for them to get used to new flavors and textures that are different from their everyday meals. So don’t worry if your child doesn’t seem to be interested in trying the new food on your very first attempt. Instead, try these simple yet effective methods to introduce new foods to your little ones slowly. 

1. Start With Smaller Portion Sizes

Always introduce the new food item to kids by giving them a small portion of the dish. Do not give them a plate full of new dishes, as they will find it overwhelming and will refuse to even taste it. Instead, put a little bit of the new food on their plate, telling them what it is and why is it good for their body. Offering tiny portions is an effective method for kids to try new foods without the added feeling of being overwhelmed. 

2. Offer a Mix of New Foods With Old

One of the best ways to not overwhelm a child with new foods is to pair them with something familiar. It would be even better if you offered it as a part of their favorite meal. This will make the whole experience less daunting for your little one. Plus, if your kid chooses not to try the new food, they will still have the rest of the meal to enjoy. 

3. Be a Role Model 

Kids are very observant and they watch every action of people around them, whether it be you or their elder siblings. Kids are highly likely to pick eating habits from parents and elder siblings, so be mindful of how everybody reacts to food and new dishes around them.

Be enthusiastic while trying new food items and your kids will learn from you and will be more accepting of new foods. To encourage your little one to try the new items, eat the food first to demonstrate that it is delicious. 

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4. Make the Experience Fun

Instead of offering the food as you would for an adult, present the new dish in a fun and creative way for your kids. You can cut and arrange the food in different shapes, serve them on colorful plates, make fun faces with it, etc. A fun food display encourages your child to have an open mind and try what is in front of them. 

5. Don’t Give Up 

Do not get discouraged if your child does not eat the new dish on their first attempt. It can easily take up to 15 tries for a kid to warm up to a new food, so don’t give up. Instead, offer them the food every alternate day or wait for a couple of days to re-introduce the food. Above all, it is important to be realistic with your goals so as not to feel like you are doing something wrong. 

6. Involve Kids and Let Them Explore

You will surely be more successful in introducing new foods to your kids if you involve your kids in the process of preparing them. Encourage your kids to smell, touch and feel the texture of the food item, and ask them how they want to plate it or if there is anything they want to add to it. Kids love getting to work on new projects and preparing food themselves would make it more likely for them to try it out. So involve your kid as much as possible in the preparation.

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7. Never Force Kids

Never force your kids to try new foods. They might react negatively to it now, but might come to accept it in the future. However, forcing them to eat something might lead to them developing an aversion towards the particular food.

Also, do not offer rewards or negotiate with them to try new dishes. This can lead to kids not enjoying the food and simply consuming it to receive the reward. Once the promised reward is removed from the equation, your child might refuse to continue eating the food item. So encourage your kids to try without forcing them; just be patient and stay calm. 

Introducing new foods to kids is nerve-wracking yet worth it at the same time. However, with these tips, you can easily get your kids to try new foods.

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