9 Bento Box Ideas For Never-Boring School Lunches

Need some BTS lunch inspiration? Try these bento box ideas. Bento boxes are reusable portioned containers that keep your food separated. The word “bento” comes from Japan and it simply means lunch box. Typical bento box recipes include a variety of food groups, in different flavors and colors — think a few blueberries, some chocolate chips, a handful of whole grain crackers, cottage cheese, and some cherry tomatoes. And since you are putting a little bit of everything in there, it’s fun to eat and it usually ends up being a well-balanced meal. And in my book (or..box), that’s a big win for a kid’s lunch.

I like the idea of giving my kids a variety of foods in small amounts rather than just a large sandwich and an apple every day. But what should I pack? There are a million bento ideas out there — so I’ve picked out the very best.

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