Pesto sauces have been part of Italian cuisines since Roman times. There are two forms of traditional pesto sauce, Pesto Alla Genovese and Pesto Alla Siciliana.  Pesto Alla Genoese is made with garlic, salt, extra virgin olive oil, Pecorino Sardo cheese, and Genoese basil.  Pesto Alla Siciliana is similar, but it also contains tomatoes and uses less basil. It’s believed that the Genoese version was the original recipe. In America we typically think of pesto as including basil, garlic, pine nuts, Parmesan cheese and olive oil. Pesto can be made by using a food processor or a mortar and pestle, to blend or crush all of the ingredients together and it can be delicious with chicken, meat, fish, pasta, or simply spread on toast. Today cooks experiment with different fresh herbs and various types of nuts and cheeses to put a spin on this traditional pesto sauce.

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