The Best Baby Names Inspired By Bridgerton


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Move over, Sophia and Olivia – Bridgerton-inspired baby names are bound to be on the rise. It’s a pretty safe bet that Daphne, Simon, Colin, Penelope, and Eloise will shoot up the baby name charts next year


Baby name trends frequently reflect pop culture trends, so it will be of no great surprise if Bridgerton-themed names are going to gain in popularity. The acclaimed period drama is already sparking a Regencycore fashion trend and baby names will likely follow!

Some of these names have been dwindling into obscurity (Daphne, the main character in Bridgerton, didn’t even make the top 100 girls’ names last year), but now they are on the verge of revival with parents naming their children after the characters in the series. Bridgerton has already been renewed for a second season, so this moniker trend could well be built to last.

Keeping up with the trend, we have rounded up the best Bridgerton-inspired baby names. Have a look at them below!

Bridgerton-inspired baby names for girls:

Alice – means noble (Alice is Will’s wife and she is just that – noble)

Bridget – means strength or exalted one

Cressida – Greek, meaning gold

Daphne – means victory or laurel tree or bay tree

Eloise – means healthy and warrior

Francesca – means free

Genevieve – means tribe woman or white wave

Hyacinth – means blue larkspur or precious stone (the name of one of the youngest Bridgerton siblings)

Isabel – means pledged to God

Kitty – means pure

Marina – means from the sea

Penelope – means weaver

Prudence – means good sense

Uriana – Greek, means the unknown

Violet – means purple

Bridgerton-inspired baby names for boys:

Anthony – means priceless one (the oldest of the Bridgeton children)

Archibald – means bold

Colin – means pup

George – means farmer or earth

Gregory – means alert and watchful

Jeffrey – means pledge of peace

Lord – English, means loaf keeper

Nigel – means dark haired

Oliver – means olive tree

Quinn – means intelligence or chief leader

Reginald – means counsel or power

Simon – means the listener

Thompson – means son of Tom

William – means resolute protection

Which one is your favorite?

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