15 Popular Boy Names For Girls

Giving your daughter a unique name can be a bit of a challenge. And if you aren’t looking for something traditionally “girly” you may think your options are limited. But they really aren’t. Flip to the other side of the baby name book and consider a boy name for your girl. Names that have historically been associated with boys have a cute and quirky vibe on a little girl. In fact, thanks to many celebrities, giving a baby girl a boy name this has become a bit of a trend. Jessica Simpson jumped on the gender-neutral train when she named her daughter Maxwell Drew and Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds went the unconventional route and named their daughter James.

Take a look at these boy names that would be super cool for a little girl — they just may inspire you to try something new.


1. Alex

Different variations of Alexander are now being used for girls. Think Alex, or Alix or Alexa. It’s edgy and yet, feminine at the same time. And Alex means ‘defender of mankind’ which makes the name that much more appealing to us.

2. August

This super trendy name is beginning to cross over for girls now. I means ‘magestic’ which could be super fitting for your little bundle of joy.

3. Billie

Billie Holliday was the first famous woman to sport this nickname for William, but songstress Billie Eilish has recently made the name even more popular.

4. Blaine

Blaine is now more familiar as a female name than male. It is of Irish origin meaning ‘slender’ or ‘angular”.

5. Charlie

While Charlie started off as a popular nickname for Charles, it has recently become a top pick for girls. It means ‘free man’ and is of English origin.

6. Drew

It’s hard not to immediately think of Drew Barrymore when you here this name. Drew originated as a short form for Andrew, but now stands strong on its own.

7. Dylan

Despite topping the popularity charts for boy names, Dylan is gaining traction as a popular female name as well. It means ‘son of the wave’ or “born near the sea’ and is of Welsh origin.

8. Harley

While it was once a macho motorcyle name, Harley is now showing its softer side and is being used with more frequency for girls. It is an old English name and translates to the ‘meadow or harewood’.

9. James

Ever since Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds named their daughter James, the most timeless boy name has been popularized for girls.

10. Mason

Mason is originally an English name, meaning ‘stoneworker’ but it is on the rise as a hip name for girls.

11. Parker

Originally known primarily as last name, (think Sara Jessica Parker, Mary-Louise Parker and Dorothy Parker) actress Parker Posey has helped popularize this preppy surname name for girls.

12. Raleigh

Historically known as the capital of North Carolina, Raleigh has gotten a little more use in recent years as a sweet name for a Southern belle.

13. Shane

Shane, meaning ‘God is gracious’ is an Irish classic that is now showing its softer side and is being used with more frequency for girls

14. Stevie

Stevie, one of the most adorable variations of Stephen or Steven, initially began being used for boys, but it later became a catchy name for girls as well.

15. Wyatt

Wyatt wasn’t originally used much for the girls, but ever since Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis used it for their daughter, it has been popularized as a funky boy name for girls.

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