40 Fabulous Unisex Baby Middle Name Ideas

You and your partner finally settled on a baby name after months of negotiating. But have you chosen a middle name yet? Sometimes choosing the right middle name for a baby is even harder than deciding on a first name. It has to blend nicely with the first name, plus your want it to meaningful, cool and unique. Whether you want a trendy and daring middle name or a classic and old school middle name, there are plenty of options out there for you. Here is a list of 40 to consider.

1. Angel

This heavenly word name works just as beautifully for boys and girls. 

2. Asa

Don’t let the “a” at the end fool you—Asa, which means healer, is actually more popular for boys.

3. Bay

Bay is a short and sweet name with a seaside vibe. 

4. Bliss

Share your joy about your baby by literally giving him a name that means happiness.

5. Blue

Queen Bey may have picked this for her older daughter, but this bright color name can work for babies of either sex. 

6. Cameron

Trending right now for both boys and girls, thanks to actress Cameron Diaz and Modern Family character Cameron Tucker, this middle name has Scottish flair and a funny meaning—crooked nose. 

7. Dale

The English word for valley has been linked with legendary race drivers Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Sr., and singing cowgirl Dale Evans, most famous for a string of western musicals and her marriage and show with her partner, Roy Rogers. 

8. Drew

This shortened variation on Andrew shares its meaning, strong.

9. Ever

Ever names (like Everly and Everest) have become a popular name choice, but thins one suits both boys and girls equally well.

10. Finley

A charming name of Scottish and Irish origin, Finley means fair-haired hero.

11. Garland

Garland is an old-fashioned name with a tie to movie legend Judy Garland. 

12. Gray

An off-the-radar color name pick, Gray is often the nickname of the uberpopular boys’ name, Grayson.

13. Haven

Jessica Alba helped launch this word name, which means safe harbor, into popularity.

14. Hero

A Shakespearean character name favorite, Hero works beautifully for both boys and girls. 

15. James

A top 10 boys’ name for centuries, James has been a popular pick for baby girls in recent years, thanks to Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds. 

16. Jude

Whether you’re a fan of the Beatles’ classic or the saint, Jude makes the perfect unisex middle name. 

17. Kai

Kai comes to us from several different languages, with several different glorious meanings—“sea” in Hawaiian, “earth” in Scandinavia, and “willow tree” to the Navajo nation. 

18. Kennedy

It may have an odd meaning—misshapen head—but Kennedy also has a long Irish heritage (and a Presidential connection, too). 

19. Lee

A perennial unisex middle name favorite, Lee means “meadow.”

20. Lou

Consider this shortened version of Louis/Louisa, which means “warrior.”

21. Lucky

Share a little serendipity with your baby with this fortuitous middle name. 

22. Lyric

This melodious middle name is perfect for a family who’s passionate about music. 

23. Pace

A stylish and slightly offbeat word name, Pace works beautifully in lieu of Paige for girls, and Jace for boys.

24. Pax

Angelina Jolie picked this name, from the Latin word for “peace,” for her son. 

25. Poe

The king of classic horror lends his short-and sweet middle name option.

26. Quince

A quince is a cousin to the apple—making this a charming baby name pick. 

27. Quinn

This Irish name has become slightly more popular for girls, thanks to its use on Glee.  But it’s still in the top 400 baby names for boys.

28. Rebel

You can have a little more fun with the middle name—and this riotous word name pick is the perfect example. 

29. River

Most famously associated with the late actor River Phoenix, this word name makes a lovely choice for either sex.

30. Rue

Rue is a lovely evergreen plant with bright yellow flowers_

31. Sage

This word name can be considered a nature name, after the herb, or a virtue name, meaning “wise.” 

32. Saint

Several celebs have picked this religious-themed name for their sons and daughters. 

33. Scout

The protagonist’s nickname in the classic To Kill a Mockingbird makes for an adventurous unisex middle name. 

34. Shea

This Irish surname that means “stately” was featured in Game of Thrones with a slightly different spelling: Shae.

35. Snow

Your baby doesn’t have to be born in winter to sport this sweet nature-themed middle name. (And if you’re a big Game of Thrones fan, this could be a subtle nod to the series. 

36. Tate

A bit more popular for boys than girls, Tate is a Nordic name that means “cheerful.”

37. True

It’s true—this is a short and sweet word name that works beautifully for boys or girls. 

38. Winter

Summer and Autumn have been the more traditional season names given to kids, but more and more parents are coming on board for this cool middle name. 

39. Wren

A charming little songbird, wrens offer a nature-themed unisex name. 

40. Zen

Lend your child a little serenity with this sweet baby name pick. 

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