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25 French Baby Names that will Have Your Kid Feeling Très Chic

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The biggest trends in baby names right now are beautiful sounding and unique choices. That’s why you don’t want to overlook baby names from the French language. Many are easy to pronounce and offer up cute nicknames, and most are unlikely to be super-popular when your tike heads to preschool in a few years.

When I was pregnant with our first daughter, I was desperate for a French baby name, but we went in another direction. Another baby later, I still have these beautiful names on the brain! If we ever go for Baby #3, there’s a good chance we’ll choose a gorgeous, unique French name from this very list.


Here are Momtastic’s top picks for French baby names for boys and girls:

Alain: The French version of Allen, it has a familiar ring with a unique twist for your little boy. Add an “e” to the end to make it a girls’ name.

Annika: Meaning “grace,” it’s a known but not oversaturated choice for girls.

Augustin: Popular with modern French parents, a boys’ name with Latin origins meaning “majestic, dignity, venerable.”

Bastien: An offshoot of the more popular “Sebastian,” this French boys’ name means one from the ancient city of Sebastia.

Capucine: Who could help falling in love with this pretty girls’ name that holds a close resemblance to a favorite French-inspired coffee drink? Although its meaning (cowled monk) probably doesn’t hold much standing with the modern American parents, it’s a chic French name that’s currently popular in Paris.

Clement: From the Latin, meaning mild or merciful, a beautiful French baby name for boys.

Colette: The feminine version of Nicholas, this beautiful French name for girls has always been a personal favorite. It also lends well to the nickname Coco, as in Chanel.

Coralie: A girls’ nature name with a vintage feel. Coralie means “coral” and is a lovely alternative for those considering the popular Cora.

Dior: The perfect moniker for the child of a fashionista, this French baby girl name comes from the word d’or, or “golden.”

Elodie: Like Melody, but less mainstream. This lovely girls’ name rolls right off the tongue; its meaning is “foreign riches.”

Faustine: There’s no doubt this rare baby girl name will bring your daughter good luck. It’s a feminine, French offshoot of the boys’ name Faust from the Latin, meaning “good fortune.”

Fleur: The French word for flower, it’s a beaut for your little girl.

Gabin: If you like Gavin, consider the French version for a unique twist!

Kylian: A boy’s name meaning war, strife, or bright-headed. This is a bold choice for your little guy, and is pronounced similarly to the Irish name Killian.

Leandre: A lyrical boy name that lends well to nicknames Leo or Andre. Leandre means “lion man” in French.

Luc: Short, sweet, and to the point: Luc is “illumination” or the bringer of light, a perfect choice for the boy who will brighten up your life.

Maeva: If you like Maeve, consider the French alternative for something a bit different. This French girls name means “welcome.”

Marielle: Unlike the oversaturated Marie, this longer form French version of Mary is a unique choice for your little girl.

Mathilde: A version of Matilda, this strong French girls’ name is related to strength in battle and was popular among European royalty during the Middle Ages, making it a powerful pick for the modern-day mini-feminist.

Mathis: A version of Matthew, it’s technically of German origin but quite popular in France. Mathis is a boy name meaning “gift of God.”

Océane: A female name meaning, as you probably guessed, Ocean. This is a beautiful choice that can also be shortened to Cici as a nickname.

Remi: Translating to “oarsman,’ a unisex French name with a modern feel.

Solène: This beautiful French girls’ name means “with dignity” or “solemnity.”

Timeo: “Honor,” just about the best thing you could name your child after. The boys’ name Timeo is popular in France but not in the States.

Violette: The popular flower name Violet feels even more chic when spelled and pronounced in French.

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