25 Beautiful Names For Fall Babies

Bundle up and break out the pumpkin spice, because fall is here and everyone’s loving it. If you’re expecting a baby in the months to come, you’ve got even more to cheer about than cozy sweaters and football parties. Fall babies are a super sweet way to say goodbye to the long, aggressively hot summer days and create the perfect excuse for cuddling up and enjoying the season.

If you’re like me, and you love meaningful baby names but haven’t nailed one down yet for your September – November baby, this is the list for you. From Anona to Zephyr, we’ve got your fall baby name search covered so sit back, sip that cider, and choose the perfect moniker for your little pumpkin:

Anona (G): This girls’ name of Latin origins translates to “of the harvest,” making ir a special pick for your princess born in fall.

Aki (B): A noble boys’ name with Japanese and Finnish roots meaning “born in autumn.”

Apple (G): Gwyneth did it, so you totally can, too. The seasonal fruit makes a sweet name for an autumn-born baby girl.

Arista (G): The Greek girls’ name meaning, “harvest” is a darling choice for a little one born this time of year.

Artemis (U): Also from the Greek, Artemis was the god of the hunt, which has a fallish feel. Though it’s more popular in boys, this unisex name would be a strong pick for your boy or girl.

Ash (U): As ashes are associated with fire and this time of year is all about that, any name starting with Ash- is going to be beautiful for a fall baby. If you prefer a longer name, Ashley and Asher are lovely versions.

Aurelio (B): Such a gorgeous Italian baby name meaning “golden one,” it evokes the feeling of those beautiful hues of autumn trees. The girls’ version, Aurelia, is just as pretty.

Autumn (G): It might the obvious choice, but that doesn’t make it any less special. Naming your autumn baby after the season in which she was born would be so sweet.

Birch (U): A tree that is known for its lovely fall leaves, this makes a cute nature name for your fall baby boy or girl.

Bruno (B): The Italian word for “brown” is a color name for fall baby boys.

Crimson (G): Like the bold red leaves of fall, this girls’ name is a total show-stopper.

Forrest (B): It’s been long enough since the famous movie came out that you can risk bestowing this name on your fall baby boy without him having to endure Gump jokes constantly as he grows.

Harvest (U): Like Autumn, this might seem like an obvious pick, but it will definitely be unique. Boys can shorten it to Harvey and for a girl, Vivi is a pretty nickname.

Hazel (G): It’s harvest time for hazelnut trees, meaning this beautiful girl’s name is quite timely.

Heather (G): Consider naming her after the stunning purple flower that blooms in fall.

Hunter (U): With nature themes in mind, this is a solid pick for your fall baby. While traditionally more popular for boys, little female Hunters are starting to “crop” up.

Jora (G): This Hebrew name meaning “autumn rain” will be a very unique tribute to her beginnings.

Leif (B): Though it actually means “heir” or “descendent” in its original language of Scandinavian, the fact that this boys’ name sounds just like the English word for leaf makes it a cute pick for your fall baby.

Pepper (U): A lot of the fall foods get their kick from spice, so a name that does the same would be spot-on for your autumn-born baby.

Ranger (U): The French name for a “forest guardian” is just too sweet for a fall baby and it has a country feel, which is popular these days.

Sarad (B): This Hindi name meaning “born in autumn” is a strong pick for your baby boy.

September (U): And frankly, October and November, are all acceptable choices for an autumn-born kid. Personally I would sway more toward using one in the middle spot, but they work either way!

Sorrel (U): From the French, this name means reddish-brown and is a popular choice for babies born in the fall.

Tess (G): A classic and quirky English girl’s name with the translation: “to harvest,” it’s a diminutive of Theresa and has a timeless quality your daughter will love growing into.

Zephyr (U): The Greek god of the west wind is a beautiful, nature-inspired name for a little boy or girl.

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