29 Beautiful Name Ideas for Summer Babies

Ah, sweet summertime. Once upon a time, the season brought the scent of tanning oil and feel of the hot sand under your feet. Now it brings always-hungry kids and a line around the block to get an iced coffee. For some of us, it also brings summer babies. Precious little bundles wrapped in muslin who necessitate the wearing of massive, gauzy dresses all season and whose arrival provides an excuse to hang out in the AC until and long after it occurs.

I adored having a daughter in summer; there were still enough warm nights after her August birth to take long walks as a family and start gently burning off that baby weight. I loved relaxing with her on the back porch with a big glass of iced tea waiting for my husband to get home from work and take over while I took a cool shower. I also didn’t mind how fewer germs people seem to tote around in warmer months than cooler ones, another plus to having a summer baby!

Of course, one of the best parts of having any baby is picking out a baby name. I’m all about themes, so if you’re looking for a summery one for your bundle-to-be, this is the list to check. Spoiler Alert: my little girl did receive one of the monikers on this list of beautiful summer baby name ideas. Can you guess which one?

1. August (U)

Any baby born in the month of August would benefit from this strong-sounding name, which also lends to the precious boys’ nickname Auggie, or a more feminine version of the name — Augustina.

2. Azure (U)

A beautiful color name for a bright shade of blue, this moniker is perfect for a summer baby as it reflects the skies of summer and of course, ocean beach days.

3. Blu (U)

Another take on summer color names for baby, dropping the “e” from the color blue renders this is a chic option for your boy or girl.

4. Cal (B)

Many people associate California with summertime, making this cute boys’ name a great option for your summer baby. If you want to feminize it, Calina or Calista are pretty options.

5. Coralie (G)

Also pretty in its English version, Coral, the French take on that most beautiful of sea growth makes for a super sweet summer baby girl name.

6. Cyrus (B) 

Summer would be nothing without sunshine, so many names meaning “sun” appear on this list. This boys’ name has Persian roots and a biblical feel.

7. Dune (U)

Your little beach baby will be giving off cool-kid vibes from the start with this unique name reminiscent of sandy summer days.

8. Dylan (U)

A more subtle homage to summer than some others on the list, Dylan is a popular choice for boys and girls. But it’s meaning, “son of the sea,” makes it an especially lovely pick for summer babies.

9. Eliane (G)

This beautiful Hebrew girls’ name meaning “sun” has a lyrical feel for your little one, and lends easily to sweet nicknames including Ellie and Lili.

10. Gem (G)

Getting creative with summer names, you can shorten Gemini, the Zodiac sign for babies born between May 21 and June 21, into this cute baby girl name.

11. Golden (U)

Like a ray of summer sunshine, this warm baby name will stand out in the kindergarten roster and beyond.

12. Helio (B)

Meaning “sun” in Spanish, this boys’ name is a perfect pick for your little man born this season.

13. June (U)

It has staying power for a reason: while more typically given to girls, June is a unisex baby name that has risen and fallen in popularity over the years and is now making a comeback. It also happens to be the month when summer starts!

14. Kalinda (G)

I did mention that “Sun” names would be showing up more than a little, right? This Hindi translation is just gorgeous for a summer baby girl.

15. Leo (B)

The boys’ answer to Gem mentioned above, Leo is a strong Zodiac name with multiple meanings and serves as the star sign for children born July 22 – Aug 23.

16. Marigold (G)

A summer-blooming flower with a bright, bold look that also lends to two precious nicknames, “Mari” and “Goldie.”

17. Marine (G) 

Meaning “from the sea” in Latin, this beautiful baby girl name is a perfect pick for those born in summer.

18. Nerida (G)

Greek for “mermaid,” Nerida has a feel that’s just as mystical as its meaning and thusly precious for your summer girl.

19. Oceane (G)

From the French, this “sea” name is both ethereal and strong at once.

20. Reef (B)

Lest the coral-loving parents expecting baby boys should feel left out, this male option evokes a cool surfer dude and is sure to stand out in a crowd.

21. Seaton (B)

Bold and almost preppy sounding, Seaton means “town by the sea” in English and Scottish, and carries with it a strong masculine feel.

22. Shell (G)

Searching the sand for sea glass and shells is so inherently summer, your little girl will love growing up with this themed name.

23. Salana (G)

From the Latin, meaning sun. It has an exotic quality to it, but is easy to spell and pronounce.

24. Soleil (G)

Another “sun” name for baby girls. This one from the French, and gorgeously bohemian in feel.

25. Sorley (M)

A unique moniker for baby boys, Sorley translates to “summer sailor” in Irish and would be equally cute in the first or middle name position.

26. Summer (G)

May as well go for it, right? Your little summer girl will love growing into this classic name that hangs steady on the popular lists, currently in the top 200 for US girls.

27. Sunny (U)

Speaking of summertime, how about a cheerful unisex sunshine name that will have everyone smiling when they meet your precious summer babe?

28. Suvi (G)

A more unique take on Summer, this version is from the Finnish and has a foreign, chic quality to it, lending it a cool-girl quality your little will love.

29. Zinnia (G)

It wouldn’t be a summer baby name list without one more sweet flower. Zinnia is a summer bloom that’s bright and colorful to look at, and as a name it offers an edgy quality many flower names do not.

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