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24 Three Letter Baby Names For Boys and Girls

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I’ve grown to love my last name, so much so that I opted to keep it after I got married, but that certainly wasn’t always the case. I dreaded roll call as a kid as it always came with an awkward pause before my name was read. Now I can appreciate its uniqueness, but I certainly wanted to make sure that when I had my own children they had names they could be proud and secure about. Obviously there is no way to guarantee this, but there’s nonetheless great appeal in short, three-letter baby names as they tend to be easy to pronounce in this increasingly international world.

These three letter baby names prove that sometimes when it comes to choosing a baby name, less is more!



Niv – means expression

Avi – means father of a multitude (of nations)

Jax – means has shown favor

Ari – means lion

Ian – means the Lord is gracious

Jay – means victory

Moe – means to love

Lee – means pasture or meadow

Zac – means the Lord has remembered

Teo – means gift of God

Wes – means western meadow


Ann – means favored or grace

Lea – means delicate

Rue – means regret

Noa – means movement

Ada – means noble or happy

Uma – means splendor or tranquility

Zoe – means life

Amy – means beloved

Ivy – means vine

Joy- means happiness

Liv – means defense

Nia – means bright

Sky – means atmosphere seen from earth

Do you have any three letter baby names to add to the list?

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