Megan Roup
Image credit: Liana Tarantino

5 Products Celebrity Trainer (& New Mom) Megan Roup Can’t Live Without

Megan Roup‘s feel-good dance cardio and sculpting workout method, The Sculpt Society (TSS), has been keeping the celebrity trainer glowing long before she had her first baby. While she has transitioned away from in-studio group workout classes because of Covid, Roup’s TSS app has exploded in popularity, including with models like Romee Strijd, Shanina Shaik, Devon Windsor and Kate Bock. That said, though she’s known for helping to sculpt some of the world’s most coveted bodies, Roup has always had a variety of pre- and post-natal workouts on her app, and now moms-to-be can workout with Roup, who gave birth a few weeks ago, live on the regular for an unparalleled dose of fitspo.

Image credit: Liana Tarantino

We caught up with Roup, who recently moved to Los Angeles, to find out about the five products she swears by:


More Product Picks:


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