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20 Cult Baby Products Worth The Hype (And Price)


Expecting parents tend to fall into one of two camps: those who buy everything and anything and those that get a few outfits, diapers, a bassinet and wait and see for the rest. The truth is, the happy place is often somewhere in the middle; you want to be prepared, but having kids is expensive enough without needlessly accumulating things that won’t be used while they take up precious space.

In a quest to hone in on the must-haves and latest game-changing options parents-to-be often sift through lists with pages and pages of items. Confusion deepens when you factor that in practically every baby-related category there are massive price ranges making it hard to know what’s actually worth splurging on and where there’s room for savings.

Here’s a look at the cult baby products that actually live up to their hype. This is a relatively long list. We are not saying that new parents need every one of these items. Parenthood is personal, so do and buy what makes sense for you and your family’s lifestyle.

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