5 Products Allie Egan, The Founder Of Veracity Selfcare, Can’t Live Without

Former Cynthia Rowley CEO Allie Egan is today the founder and CEO of Veracity Selfcare, a beauty and wellness brand whose aim is to “empower women to understand the connection between their skin and their broader health through at-home testing and a holistic, data-driven approach to skincare.”

What does that mean?

Well, let’s say you find yourself with postpartum acne, for example,Veracity has a test to check your hormones that will help give you answers about your skin and health while delivering a personalized skincare and wellness routine.

Image: Allie Egan

Between juggling CEO duties, Egan is also a mom to two young children, Cooper and Astor. We chatted with the founder to get her must-have parenting products.

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