5 Parenting Products Jessica Rolph, Co-Founder & CEO of Lovevery, Can’t Live Without

If there’s one brand I tell every expecting parent to stock up on, it’s Lovevery. And while I’m at it I tell them to download their app and listen to their podcast as well. They even have online courses now! Everything about the brand, which specializes in playthings, is purposefully and thoughtfully created. I especially love that all of their toys come with booklets to explain to caretakers how to use them… it’s not always easy to figure out how to play with LOs! It’s also not easy to figure what toys to buy and when to give them to the kiddos. Lovevery solves this with their Play Kits. Truly one of the best investments a parent can make, along with the brand’s play gym.

I’m such a fan of the brand and its co- founder, Jessica Rolph, who hosts the podcast as well, that I couldn’t wait to hear about the five parenting products she swears by.


The Play Kits by Lovevery

“Okay, maybe I’m a little biased, but this is a must-have for any new parent or caregiver to children 0 – 48 months. Lovevery’s Play Kits are full of Montessori-inspired playthings and books, delivered every 2-3 months. Our early learning program also includes an app and guide for parents with developmental information and ideas for ways to play. The Lovevery subscription will help you get the most out of every stage by helping you tune into your child’s development.”

Kid’s Audio Storyteller & Headphones Set

“Audio books are a complement, not a replacement, for reading out loud to my daughter or having her read to herself. When your child listens to a story, they build related—but different—skills then when they read on their own. Listening exposes your child to stories above their reading level and models fluent reading including expression, pace and tone.  Her Lunii has been a meaningful alternative to screen time—and it is great for travel and even long hikes. Because it is lightweight, kid friendly and sturdy, she can carry and operate it all on her own.”

Loog Guitars

“Research has shown that children offered music lessons in pre-school have better spatial and math skills. Suzuki also talks about the brain benefits of introducing music education by four years old. The problem is that at this young age, formal music education can sometimes feel like more work than fun. Enter the Loog Guitar. It sounds and feels like an adult-sized instrument, but is simplified to three strings and includes fun cards and lessons designed just for children.”


“I tried several ways to make ‘morning math’ appealing and engaging for my two youngest: dice, workbooks, even making up math stories. SumBlox were an instant hit and the one thing we keep coming back to. They are so clever! I wish Lovevery had invented them. The blocks are in the shape of numbers, and different combinations adding up to the same sum stack up to the same height.”


“I went through so many disposable breastmilk storage bags—one even leaked on a long flight, soaking my pants and seat. The Junobie is my go-to gift for breastfeeding moms—I wish I had had it when my three were babies. The silicone material helps eliminate single-use plastic and is naturally bacteria resistant, keeping breastmilk fresher for longer. Bonus: no leaking!”