5 Products The Freestyle Co-Founders (And Dads) Can’t Live Without

Freestyle is a new subscription service offering 100% tree-free, bamboo pulp core diapers – the only diaper brand in the US to do so. The diapers are hyper absorbent and uniquely sustainable due to the high re-growth rate of bamboo versus other fiber pulp sources. We chatted with co-founders Mike Constantiner and Russ Wallace to find out what products the two Dads can’t live without

Mike Constantiner

Freestyle BambooTek Diaper, Travel Changing Mat and Pockety Diaper Tote Bag

“As co-founder of the brand, I’m obviously fan #1 of our products. I love getting to use products I’ve designed on my own kids.” -Mike Constantiner 

Vacation Classic Lotion

“No matter where I am (physically or mentally) the smell of Vacation’s sunscreen puts me on a beach in the Caribbean and a huge smile on mine and my kids’ faces.” -Mike Constantiner 

Russ Wallace

Sun Bum Original SPF 50 Sunscreen Lotion

“We are the ultimate pale force family, and there’s no leaving the house in LA without a thorough coating in the strongest SPF we can find. What I love about this one is the smell and the fact that it doesn’t leave a greasy or pasty finish. Plus it’s easy enough to squeeze that my son can dispense on his own.” -Russ Wallace

Loog Mini Acoustic Guitar

“There’s nothing cuter than watching my future rock stars jam on this kid-sized guitar. It only has 3 strings, so they can figure out the chords pretty quickly, and it comes with an app, so each session buys us a solid 20-30 minutes of downtime. Genius.” -Russ Wallace

Sleeping Queens

“A deceptively simple card game that’s easy enough for our 4 year old to grasp but is actually pretty fun for the grownups, too. We often play this on weeknights to wind down and spend some family time together.” -Russ Wallace

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