5 Parenting Products Bala Bangles Founder Natalie Holloway Can’t Live Without

Bala Bangles were a game changer when I was pregnant. I worked out till the day I gave birth and every workout I did, I wore Bala Bangles. I figured if I had to tone down my workout and downright avoid certain moves, I could at least level up the exercises that I could do. Whether Megan Roup, Tracy Anderson, or bootcamp…everything I did wearing the 1-lb bangles. The bangles feel like nothing, but wear them consistently for an hour a day and you’ll notice tone where you’ve never seen it before – and that’s without changing anything in your routine.


Plus, unlike knockoffs, Bala Bangles actually look great and stay in place. During the first wave of COVID I bought knockoffs because the originals were sold out everywhere…they were awful! The rubber parts kept falling off and the velcro would open during my runs. When I switched to traditional ankle/wrist weights (the kind you loop through) they kept sliding and were far from Bala’s “nothing” feeling. A number of trainers and influencers, like Melissa Wood, have also come out with their own versions, but none come close to the product they are knocking off.

With all that said I was curious what the brand’s glamours co-founder, Natalie Holloway, swears by as far as parenting essentials go because even now, six months postpartum, Bala Bangles are an essential part of my workouts and something I’d recommend to any mom… they’re certainly a must-have for me!

Keep reading for Holloway’s must-haves.

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