This Mom Wore a Buzz Lightyear Helmet to the Store And She’s Our Hero

In a time of unprecedented crisis, parents are willing to do whatever they have in order to survive. And that includes wearing toy helmets to the grocery store to get food for the family.

Kelly Hogan Painter wanted to be a rule follower for her trip to the grocery store, heeding the CDC’s recommendations to wear a mask when in public settings. But there was a glitch: her family didn’t have any masks. They did, however, have a kid-sized Buzz Lightyear helmet, complete with sounds and a button that closes the plastic face guard. Problem solved!


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And in an effort to bring some humor to social media, and bring some much needed laughter into people’s lives during these dark times, the mom shared a brilliant video of herself going on her trip outside to get the food, wearing the hilarious contraption. She shared the amusing video to Facebook.

“So when your husband bets you… Well, first, he tells you that you can’t go to the store without a mask, and then, you tell him that it was recommended and not necessary, and then, he tells you you can’t go get food for your kids because we have no masks in the house — so you supply the mask,” said Painter, pushing the button to lower the helmet’s face mask. “I’m going in.”

“If y’all see me on the news tonight PLEASE don’t tell my mama. She would be so embarrassed,” Painter captioned the clip of her walking toward the store.

The video has been liked and shared widely, and the positive comments reveal exactly what we already knew – that folks really did need a good laugh.

To the grocery store and beyond!

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