‘Full House’ Cast Recreates Opening As ‘Full Quarantine’

While many of us are plowing through Netflix likes it’s our full-time job, we could still use some other distractions from the coronavirus quarantine. And John Stamos and the gang from Full house have come to the rescue.

I an effort to cheer us all up, Stamos has recreated the opening of Full House using six members of the original cast (umm, not including Lori Laughlin, for obvious reasons and the Olsen twins) addressing relatable quarantine issues like sanitizing and running out of eggs while at home while the show’s theme song plays in the background.

The scene opens with the gang sheltering in place and then we see a very shaggy looking Uncle Jesse primping his hair while Danny Tanner is slathering himself in hand sanitizer, because what else would he be doing? Joey Gladstone doing some socially distant fishing, and reels in a slice of pizza while DJ is plunging the toilet and good old Stephanie is hunkering down in a quilt. Franklin attempts to play catch with his two dogs, who are both wearing face masks and sweet Kimmy visits the kitchen only to discover that they are – gasp – out of eggs. Noooo.

The final moments of the remake feature the original opening in between captions saying, “Stay safe and stay home,” on top, and “Unlike ‘Full House,’ this will all go away,” on bottom.

The cast recently finished filming their fifth and final season of Fuller House on Netflix — the first half of the season aired at the end of 2019, and the second half will be released sometime this year.

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