‘LEGO Movie’ Releases COVID-19 Song & Tips For Kids To Stay Healthy

Okay, the coronavirus quarantine is no laughing matter. But in an effort to cheer us all up, Chris Pratt and Elizabeth Banks have joined forces once again for a new LEGO Movie PSA to help kids understand the coronavirus and share tips on how to stay safe through a fun new song.

In the video, Pratt and Banks return as their characters, Emmet and Lucy, to sing a song that explains the best ways to avoid the virus.


The clip opens with Lucy discussing the “darkness” of COVID-19. “The world as we knew it is over,” says Lucy. After calling the pandemic an “apocalypse,” she adds, “Everything is not awesome.” Indeed, it is not.

Emmet is his usual clueless self about the novel coronavirus, confusing it for a book title, which leads Lucy to explain how the virus got its name.

“It’s a novel coronavirus,” Lucy explains in the video. “Novel just means new, as in it’s a virus we haven’t seen before. The 19 is because it was discovered in 2019.”

Emmett then explains the five simple steps kids should follow to ensure that they will stay healthy: “hands, elbow, face, space and home.” That’s washing their hands, coughing or sneezing into their elbow, not touching their face, keeping a safe distance between themselves and others, and staying home if they can.

Lucy reiterates that the viewers should remember “hands, elbow, face, space and home.”

While Emmet unsuccessfully tries to come up with an acronym for the rules, Lucy states that the best way to remember the lessons is through song.

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