Jennifer Garner and Celeb Friends Read Books to Kids During School Shutdowns

As a parent, I am finding myself in total scramble mode as my children’s schools have shut down, local businesses are shuttered, and everyone is practicing social distancing. It’s stressful and scary. So, I’m incredibly thankful for the folks who step up to help make this world feel less uncertain. Like the amazing Jennifer Garner and Amy Adams who are enlisting their celeb friends to read books to kids on their new Instagram account, Save With Stories.

Save With Stories is raising money to prove food and educational supplies to kids through the organizations Save the Children and No Kid Hungry. In their very first video posted yesterday, Adams and Garner wrote, “These funds will help us make sure that families know how to find meals when schools are closed, support mobile meal trucks, food banks, and other community feeding programs, provide educational toys, books and worksheets, and support out-of-school-time programs to help kids make up for lost time in the classroom.”

They go on to explain that 30 million kids rely on schools for food, making this shut down a serious food insecurity issue for families across the country. Save With Stories is directing funds to mobile meal trucks and community feeding programs. They are also targeting educational toys, books, and supplies like worksheets to help kids keep their brains sharp while we collectively figure out how to get through this challenging time. 

For those who want to help, you can give a one-time gift of $10 to SAVE to 20222. For those who want to donate more or less than that $10 can visit their website.

In the one day that the Instagram account has been live, they’ve posted Garner, Adams, and even their friend Reese Witherspoon each reading books out loud. So cool! Check out their Instagram feeds and listen together with your kids as celebs read stories using their talents and enthusiasm to help our littlest people everywhere feel just a little bit better.

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