Common Household Items Toddlers Wear Instead of Clothes

Toddler clothes are endlessly adorable, so it’s not like we don’t fill their closets and drawers with fun, comfy stuff for them to wear. It’s just that they prefer to either go naked, wear old Halloween costumes, or dress themselves in random items from around the house, instead.


One of my daughter’s favorite things to do when she was a tot was wrap a giant bath towel around her head as hair and chip-clip a throw blanket around herself as a gown. This bulky trip hazard made her feel gloriously like royalty and absolutely could not be worn outside our home’s four walls. So of course she threw on this get-up each time she sensed we needed to go run errands. Don’t toddlers have the best timing, ever?

Here are some other things toddlers love to wrap around themselves, slide onto their limbs, or plop onto their heads then proudly proclaim that they got dressed all by themselves.

1. That cardboard box over there

It’s not a cardboard box, MOMMY. It’s a robot suit. DUH.

2. Toilet paper

Who’s the mummy now?

3. Paper towels

Mummy suits for the lazy.

4. Paper towel rolls

Sleeves and pant legs: You don’t need anything more than that.

5. Duct tape

No, not the crafty way so the items can be easily slid on and off. They just duct tape themselves and call it a day.

6. Waterproof tablecloths and clothespins

Superheroes capes for rainy days? DONE.

7. Elegant faux-fur throws and hair clips

Like toupees for hairless humans who want to be more like their furry friends.

8. Paper grocery bags

Why should books in need of covers have all the fun?

9. Chamois from the garage


10. Pillow cases

Of course you told them not to play with the scissors. It’s not their fault they want to be the next Diane von Furstenberg of bedding-based daywear.

11. Empty tissue boxes

Boots! Boots! B-O-O-T-S!

12. Bubble wrap

Once they are done jumping on it to pop the bubbles, they like to wrap themselves in this (using 2 to 4 rolls of Scotch tape) and then do stunts (i.e., their usual very dangerous behavior).

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