24 Reasons Why I Didn’t Get To Meditate Today

In the dead of night while Googling the simple ways to be a happier and calmer person, I may have found myself stumbling upon the benefits of meditation. Given the fact that I have three kids, I’m pretty desperate for a bit of calm and peace. The idea of quieting my mind is certainly alluring and anything that involves quiet is almost irresistible to my frazzled, worn-out mom brain. However, the problem with meditation in practice as a parent, is that it feels virtually impossible in the midst of all this chaos.

Now, I’ve tried to adopt meditation as a part of my routine on a few different occasions, each time with the same result. Initial hopefulness, followed by frequent interruptions, and the very compelling desire to overthink anything I’ve ever said or done. Many of the distractions that I experience are a figment of my own overactive brain, and I’m surprisingly unable to even blame my place in the meditation reject pile solely on parenting.

However, seeing as I’m committed to developing as a person, and relentless in my goal of chasing some peace and quiet, I’ll continue to persist in trying. But while I’d love to get my zen on, the very real fact is that it probably will not be working for me today, or any other day either.


24 Reasons Why I Didn’t Get to Meditate Today

  1. My daughter stepped on a crumb and chaos ensued
  2. My son found a loose string on the couch- attempted to unravel the whole thing
  3. My son was thirsty and decided he could “do it himself”
  4. Somebody had to poop
  5. The phone rang, and it was my mother
  6. We’re unexpectedly out of toilet paper
  7. The neighbor cat is in heat
  8. My teenager needs a field trip form signed yesterday
  9. My toddler’s in a state of cracker induced crisis
  10. Bill from up the street is paying a crew to hammer on his house for 8 hours a day, and today was no exception
  11. The phone rang, it was my husband’s mother
  12. I remembered I put off doing something last night and, surprise! It didn’t do it itself
  13. When I closed my eyes and took a deep breath I remembered I have a deadline looming
  14. Somebody had to poop, again
  15. My kids have taken it upon themselves to re-enact a singing and fighting number from the PJ Masks singalong
  16. I remembered that I said something awful in grade 9, so excuse me, I’ll be devastated for the rest of the day
  17. I remembered there is a load of laundry slow-rotting in the washer
  18. I remembered this funny video of a kitten clapping it’s paws and I had to find it to send to my friend
  19. The phone rang, it was my son’s friend’s mother
  20. The kids are being too quiet
  21. Suprise! Your packages have arrived
  22. I remembered I forgot to take dinner out of the freezer
  23. My toddler just climbed into my lap
  24. What’s that smell?

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