14 Reasons My Back Hurts Today

Reasons My Back Hurts Today by @letmestart on @itsMomtastic | parenting humor and LOLs for mom and family

If there’s one thing we parents say more than anything it’s, “WOW my back hurts today.” No matter how spritely we were before building a family, having small humans that need or want carrying and the fact that we are getting older every single day takes its toll on the long, rickety vertebrae puzzle behind us—and all the bits and pieces struggling to keep it upright. Make things easier on yourself by hanging up the list below in a prominent spot in your home so you can simply point at today’s reason as to why you have everyone looking for the darn heating pad again.

1. Somebody has apparently been sneaking rocks into my handbag when I wasn’t looking?

2.Goat yoga wasn’t quite as relaxing as I expected it to be.

3. My kids think I am a jungle gym. 

4. Gravity is a jerk.

5. I decided that the layout of the furniture in the family room was completely wrong and needed to be moved RIGHT NOW.

6. My favorite 90s jam came on the radio so I just had to show my teenagers and their friends my sweet, sweet moves.

7. I haven’t been without at least one child hanging from my person in seven years.

8. Mom is my name. Being the family sherpa is my game. 

9. I tried the fancy new gym’s complicated equipment when I should have just stayed home.

10. I’m over forty years old and turned my head just a little bit to the left in order to look over my shoulder.

11. My kid is too big for me to carry to bed but I can’t quite stop carrying her to bed quite yet.

12. I forgot to spring clean this year (okay, and MAYBE last year, too), so tried to get it all done in one fell swoop.

13. Nobody else sees things when they fall on the floor in my house. NOBODY.

14. It’s going to rain this afternoon.

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