11 Sleepover Games & Activities That Won’t Destroy the House

My son mentioned hosting a sleepover in anticipation of the upcoming school year and panic set in. My first thought was, “I’m not going to get any sleep.” My second thought was, “My house is going to be destroyed.”

Alas, slumber parties were a childhood staple of mine. My friends would bring their sleeping bags, and we’d stay up all night laughing and watching tons of movies. They’re memories I’ll never forget, so of course, I wouldn’t deny them to my own son. Instead, I went to scouring the internet for potential sleepover games and activities that I knew they’d love, but most importantly, would wear them out so we could all get some sleep.

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Here are eleven sleepover games, activities, and craft ideas that are low key, will keep the kids busy, and are not too terribly messy.

More Kids’ Activities:

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