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Pokémon GO Activities That Enliven the Game

It’s hard to avoid the phenomena that are Pokémon and Pokémon GO. I trialed the app before deciding my son could go for it, and he hasn’t stopped since. Last weekend, he clocked up 21kms of walking while he played (and I probably clocked up a $21K data bill, but let’s not think about that). My son has loved Pokémon his whole life, so we are embracing the new life of Pokémon GO with activities that ensure a healthy balance.

If your child has been recently introduced to Pokémon via the app, bringing the game into the real world with a few fun Pokémon GO activities and crafts might be an excellent idea. I hugely support anything that will get boys crafting and off screens. My girls, on the other hand, need no excuse whatsoever. The internet is alive with Pokémon activities and craft ideas. We’ve rounded up the best of them.

Throw a Pokémon Party

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We hosted an incredibly fun Pokémon party that, even three years later, is still known by Max’s friends as the ‘best party ever.’ You can see why this was such a hit with a treasure hunt and a running narrative around training and battling Pokémon. Grab onto the Pokémon GO craze and host a party in the backyard ‘just because.’

Make Your Own Pokémon Cards

Download a free printable template and get the kids to bring their Pokémons to life. This is a terrific art activity for reluctant drawers. Plus, it’s a fun way for kids to imagine their own Pokémon world, not just the world on their screen.

Craft a Pokémon Loom Band Bracelet

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It’s time to break the loom bands out again. I know you’ve got a stash somewhere in the house that the kids haven’t looked at since the loom band fad faded as fast as our enthusiasm for vacuuming up the little blighters. Get creative and let the kiddos make Poké Ball patterned bracelets. That should be enough for Pokémad kids to go off.

Have a Pokélaugh

Pop a Pokémon joke into your kid’s lunch box to make them smile at their daycare or school. It’s not a craft or an activity unless you get the kids to cut them out. However, where’s the surprise and fun in that?

Make an Oddish Softie

An Oddish Pokemon character appears in front of a London taxi during a game of Pokemon Go, a mobile game that has become a global phenomenon, on July 15, 2016 in London, England. The app lets players roam using their phone's GPS location data and catch Pokemon to train and battle.The game has added millions to the value of Nintendo, which part-owns the franchise.
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This plushie looks complicated to make, but it’s surprisingly straightforward when you follow any tutorial on YouTube. This tutorial will be the perfect introduction to sewing for tweens and teens. Oh, and the character is called Oddish… it’s not that the softie is weird!

Pokémon Mathematics Activity

Use Pokémon Power to interest your kids in Mathematics questions. For this activity, you need a set of Pokémon cards with simple Mathematics additions to work through. Genius!

Printable Pokémon Coloring and Activities

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Unsurprisingly, there are several websites devoted to Pokémon with free printable coloring in pages, mazes, and activity sheets. It’s a great way to occupy the kids on a day too rainy for Pokémon GO action.

Pokéball Suncatcher Craft

Another good idea is a suncatcher, which is simple to make but keeps the kids occupied (and off their screens) with lots of work for an afternoon.

Have a Game of Pokémon Bingo

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You can create all kinds of Bingo games, and kids will love them. Pokémon is just one option. You can make use of websites or DIY your way through it.

Make some Edible Pokéballs

Add a little Pokémagic to your child’s lunch box by crafting some Babybel cheese into Pokéballs. I reckon most bigger kids could make these cuties by themselves.

Build some Pokémon from LEGO

Charlotte Bryan, 4 years old, excited to check out the Nintendo Pokemon and lego section at Best Buy on Wednesday, December 21, 2016, in San Francisco, Calif.
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How excellent is this idea? You can build a Pikachu, Squirtle, and a Pokéball using LEGO—such great inspiration for your own little LEGO builder.

Design Your Own Pokémon Cards

This activity is too cute not to try, although it counts as screen time. Kids can make themselves into a Pokémon! Making a card for each of their friends is an excellent idea and might inspire a new offline Pokémon game.

Bake Some Pokéball Biscuits

Several children show the Pokemon cookies they have made at a summer camp organized by Obrador Dulcemente, on August 16, 2021, in Madrid, Spain. The children, aged between 7 and 13, make a different sweet preparation each day, which they then take home with them.
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A simple sugar cookie recipe can be turned into some cool Pokéballs using red, white, and black fondant icing. You can buy the icing in most supermarkets. Then, it’s just a matter of cutting and assembling.

Fold a Pikachu Bookmark

One for the bigger kids (or you), an origami Pikachu bookmark might be just the thing to get your kids reading rather than screening. Look up a tutorial online, and you will breeze through this activity.

Pokémon Cut Out Action Figures

You can download and print a set of free action figures. The kids will enjoy cutting out the figures (suitable for cutting practice) and then use them for imaginary games, to stick on their schoolbook covers, or to decorate their bedroom.

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