Cheap Sidewalk Activities That Kids Can’t Get Enough Of

Warm weather is upon us and my daughter just can’t get enough of the great outdoors. We could be outside all day and she would be the happiest girl in town. But here’s the thing: When a trip to the park isn’t an option, and one of us is bored of the backyard, the sidewalk holds plenty of opportunities for entertainment. As a mom, nothing brings me greater joy than seeing my little girl and her buddies have some much-needed outdoor fun. I love to play out front of our home with her, where there’s always a crowd and it’s never boring. We currently live in the city, where friends and neighbors tend to head outdoors after lunch to see who’s hanging on the block. Soon, we’ll be moving to our first home in the suburbs and I’m excited to bring some of our favorite sidewalk games along.

Growing up we always played out on the sidewalk, calling across the street to our neighbors to join. Nowadays, I’m all about recreating this tradition for my own little girl, and it’s even better when the activity doesn’t come with a hefty price tag. Cheap sidewalk activities are perfect for city kids, serving as a nice change of pace from crowded public playgrounds. A built-in play date on a sunny afternoon is pretty much my idea of childhood encapsulated. And while there are plenty of big-kid activities on this list, your littlest kids won’t be disappointed either, as many of these are toddler-approved by my own daughter and her little friends. Here are some of our favorite affordable sidewalk activities that the whole gang will love.


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