Kids Parties 101: Avoid Disaster with These Simple Tips

Avoiding ultimate kids’ party crises ultimately comes down to the fundamentals: picking the right TIME and LOCATION. Wondering what’s right for your kiddo’s birthday bash? Read on for tips for headache-free parties for babies all the way up through grade schoolers!



 “Good Morning Sunshine” Breakfast First Birthday Party via Hostess With the Mostess – Photo: Moncrief Photography

Tip 1: How to Pick the Right Time of Day


Vintage Lace & Floral Garden Birthday Party via Hostess With the Mostess – Photo: Sibella

One of the first and most important party planning decisions for kids parties is choosing the right time of day. Having a huge bounce house party for your one year old during nap time isn’t going to turn out well for anyone. Chances are if you have a toddler, the guests at your event are going to be toddlers as well.


Rustic Barnyard County Fair First Birthday Party via Hostess With the Mostess – Photo: Anna Gonda Photography

Playing to the crowd is key. Missing nap time will invite other parents to sit this one out so that their child isn’t known as the “tantrum child.” When trying to find the perfect time, focus on your child’s needs. When the birthday kid is fussy, no one will be feeling like they are having a good time. If it is a small and close-knit get-together, you can also ask your closest friends what time works best for them.

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