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Tips for At-Home Birthday Party for Twins

We are sure you must be excited about your twins’ upcoming birthday. After all, they will grow a year older! We are sure you must be planning to host a birthday party for your kids, but the cost of the party and other things might be stressing you out. So, mommies, here are some cost-effective and practical tips for an at-home birthday party for twins.

1. Should you throw separate birthday parties for your twins?

Before you move to the arrangements, ask your kids whether they want separate at-home birthday parties with their group of friends or one party where they both get to call their friends on a single day. Separate birthday parties are a great way to make each child feel special on their big day, but the joy of having a joint celebration is different.

Make the arrangements based on their preference. For instance, if your kids are asking for individual birthday celebrations, you can rearrange the same decoration for a new vibe at no extra cost. You can also make one four-tier cake and divide it into two two-layer cakes for cutting on different days.

2. Decide the theme

twins birthday party
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To make your twins’ at-home birthday party extra special, choose a fun theme with the help of your kids. You can opt for a pirate party, an under-the-sea party, a safari adventure, a princess tea party, a superhero party, etc.

Once you decide on the theme, look around the house and your kids’ toys and see what you can use for decoration. For instance, you can swap your picture with a princess picture in the photo frame and use it for decor. You can also attach ribbons to the toy wand so your twins can cast pretend magic spells on their friends. This trick will help you save some extra money.

3. Send out invites early

Send out the invites as soon as possible after deciding whether you are throwing a joint party or a separate at-home birthday party for your twins. This will leave you plenty of time to think about and plan the decor and other activities. Ensure to request RSVPs to get a clear picture of the number of guests you will be entertaining so you can make the arrangements accordingly.

4. Plan the budget

twins birthday party
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Once you get a rough idea of the number of guests, sit with a pen and paper and allocate a budget for everything. For instance, if you are baking the cake, you can use the spare money to buy return gifts for your kids’ friends. Write down every activity, food, and decor you plan to use for your twins’ at-home birthday party, and see how much you can spend on each one. Once you have the numbers in front of you, it will be easier for you to make the arrangements.

5. Invite limited people

If you want to throw a grand at-home birthday party for your twins, remember that the more people there are, the bigger the budget. Hence, if you are on a tight budget, it is better to invite a limited number of guests for the celebration, like your kids’ close friends and some of your close family members. For little ones, birthday parties are all about friends, good food, games, and gifts, which you can achieve even with a handful of guests.

Other than these, keep some simple entertaining games ready, like bingo, jumble words (you can get online prints for these), cookie decoration stations, etc. With proper planning and these handy tips, you can easily throw a fun at-home birthday party for your twins within budget. So, mamas, get to work and start planning for the birthday party as soon as possible.

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