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Birthday Party Etiquette Your Kids Should Know

Has your kid been invited to a birthday party? We are sure they must be excited about it and looking forward to a day filled with games and celebration. However, have you taught your kid the basic birthday party etiquette they should follow while at the venue?

Well, informing kids about the dos and don’ts at the birthday party is essential to ensure the host also has a good time (as good a time as a parent can have while throwing a kids’ birthday party) while trying to manage so many little ones. To help you, we have listed the things that should be on your list while teaching your kiddo birthday party etiquette.

1. Not to boast about the invitation

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Ask your little one not to boast about their friend’s birthday party invitation in front of the entire class or other friends. It may be possible that your child is one of the selected few invited to the party. So, why make the other kids feel sad about not being invited? Many might feel hurt, making things more complicated for the birthday kid and their parents.

2. To use the magical words

Using words like “Please,” “Excuse me,” and “Thank you” is a good practice to follow in everyday life. So, make sure your kid understands its impact and uses it as and when needed, even at birthday parties.

For instance, tell them to say please when asking for another slice of cake, thank the host when they receive the return gift, etc. It is a good way to reciprocate one’s efforts, and as a parent, it is always a pleasure to meet a polite kid. This is one of the most important things to teach your kid about birthday party etiquette.

3. Not to complain

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Tell your child not to complain if they are bored at the party, not enjoying the activities, or don’t like the food. Complaining about such things in front of the host or their friends is rude. They have been invited to the party because the birthday boy/girl wants to celebrate the day with them, making your kid their close friend.

So, complaining about anything at the party will hurt their friend’s feelings. Thus, ask them not to complain about anything while at the party. However, they can share their dislikes with their parents when they return home. You can use this feedback while throwing a birthday party for your little one.

4. Not to open the party favor

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Kids love to receive gifts. In the excitement of finding out what’s in the goodie bag, they might end up opening their party favors right in front of the host. Not everybody likes this, and they might consider it lousy birthday party etiquette, so ask them to avoid doing this.

If your kid is unhappy with the party favor or already has the same, they might immediately blurt it out, leaving the host in an awkward position. So, encourage your child not to open the gift at the party. Instead, open the gift at home, and you can decide what to do with it if they don’t like it.

5. Follow the rules

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Before you send your child to the birthday party, make them understand that they are going to someone else’s house/venue. So, they can’t behave like they do at home or with their mom and dad. There are rules that they need to follow. For instance, they should always seek permission before touching anything on display, help the host whenever they can, shouldn’t spend the entire time on their phone, etc.

Teach your kid proper birthday party etiquette, and they will have a gala time at the celebration. The host will have a lovely time with them. After all, who does not like having a well-behaved child at a party? Is there anything you would like to add to this list? Leave your suggestions in the comment section below.

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