Clever TikTok Mom Outsmarts Family With Toilet Seat Test

Women vs. Men’s Toilet Seat Shenanigans—it’s a tale as old as time itself, really. Will we ever win the war? Probably not. But one TikTok mom certainly won a battle for us, and did so, quite hilariously.

Cari Rosas was convinced that the men in her house weren’t being completely—or at all—truthful about lifting the toilet seat up when urinating. So, she crafted a bit of trickery to prove her theory.

This wickedly fun experiment was posted by Rosas to TikTok, in two installments (also, a clever bit of audience anticipation built by this savvy TikTok mom).

TikTok Toilet-Trickery—Phase 1

@cari.rosasMay the best win #UmbrellaChallenge #RamsayReacts #ChiliDogYum #fyp #foryoupage #adulting #money #dinero #boys #husband #pee #challenge #winning♬ How You Like That – BLACKPINK

Within the first TikTok, Rosas typed out onto the screen, “The boys in my house claim they lift the seat up when they use the restroom but I don’t believe them.”

She then enters the bathroom in her family’s home, approaches the toilet, and tapes a plastic-protected $50 bill just under the front of the toilet seat. In easy viewing, and grabbing, distance for a lucky winner should they prove to be truthful.

“Let’s see how this goes,” Rosas typed out. I imagine, very confidently.

From there, comments and views flooded in from women everywhere fighting the same fight, day in and day out. 1.5 million views, to be exact.

Be honest. You’re not that shocked.

“If it was my house the money would sit there for a year,” commented one toilet-seat weathered woman. “This is smart,” said another. “I should try that. I have three boys. I know how you feel,” yet another chimed in, admiring Rosas’ attempt to fight the good fight.

TikTok Toilet-Trickery—Phase 2

@cari.rosasThe highly anticipated part 2… #ChiliDogYum #UmbrellaChallenge #MiPan #fyp #foryoupage #part2 #money #dinero #winner #toiletseat #boys #men #mom♬ Hell 2 da Naw – Bullwinkle Boyz

In the second TikTok, Rosas’ experiment comes to its inevitable conclusion. She once again approaches the toilet, lifts the seat, and low and behold, the $50 is still firmly taped to its underside.

Rosas strolls over to the mirror and does a well-deserved victory dance. Proven right.

Certainly, no nasty habits were broken here, but a couple of dudes are out what would have been the easiest $50 bucks of their lives. You have to take your victories where you can get them!

What do you think of Cari Rosas’ little experiment? What kind of gems do you find on TikTok?

Let us know in the comments below!

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