Toddler Tantrum

TikTok Mom, Kayla Sullivan, Goes Viral for Issuing Hilarious New Reports About Her Toddler

Kayla Sullivan, 29, a mom from Oklahoma, has become yet another TikTok Mom sensation. Sullivan, a former TV reporter, posted a hilariously relatable “report” about her toddler’s meltdown at Olive Garden. Since its posting, the video has gone viral with over 20 million views.

With so many parents deeply relating and finding catharsis in the video, Sullivan decided to make more of them. Giving fellow TikTok parents a comedic way of coping with the tougher challenges of the dreaded toddler phase.

A Special Report From Kayla Sullivan

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What we see in the TikTok video is the aftermath of the very public Olive Garden incident, back at home.

Dressed in what she typically would wear while doing formal TV reporting, Sullivan recounts the distressing events that occurred. Using a toy as a microphone, she stands in the hallway just outside her 2-year-old son’s door.

“Hi, Kayla Sullivan reporting live from outside my son’s bedroom where he’s currently being detained until nap time is over,” she states, in full reporter mode. “Now this story does involve a minor so I can’t release specifics, but what I can confirm is my son is a 2-year-old terrorist who held me hostage at the Olive Garden.”

From there, she goes on to explain why the tantrum was traumatic. She was meeting up with friends who don’t have kids and just don’t know, further commenting that they “likely never will” after the occurrence.

“Authorities believe the proper precautions were taken,” she states. “I brought my son’s favorite snacks and even risked judgment from other moms by bringing an iPad. But not even ‘Cocomelon’ could have stopped this meltdown.”

Despite a waitress’ attempt to dampen the blow of the tantrum by bringing the toddler ketchup, it was just too late. Sullivan explains that it was a “good deed” done in vain, as her son later threw a “ketchup-covered fork” at the waitress.

Do you relate to this report from Kayla Sullivan? What have you had to endure from your toddler in public? Let us know in the comments below.

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