TikTok Videos Shows Mom of Trapper Mike Man-Handling a Six-Foot Python

Mom of Mike Kimmel — also known as Trapper Mike — helped her son wrestle a six-foot python out from under a car over the Thanksgiving weekend. I bet you thought your holiday was eventful but was it ‘man-handling a python’ eventful?

Probably not. A fairly rare occurrence. Though, when your son’s TikTok handle is PythonCowboy, maybe not so much? Turkey for thought.


TikTok Video, Set to ‘Baby Elephant Walk’

Really, this was an inspired choice of song. ‘Baby Elephant Walk’ by Henry Mancini. It sets the tone for what we see in this TikTok video quite nicely.

@pythoncowboyThanksgiving in Florida ##snakesgiving ##thanksgiving ##snake ##fy ##florida ##mom Baby Elephant Walk – Henry Mancini

Said video shows Trapper Mike and his mom both doing their best to untangle this mighty python from the tire of a white sedan. It isn’t disclosed how the snake became entangled, but since this is Florida, it likely just waltzed in.

Kimmel’s mom has the snake’s tail firmly in grip, while he seems to be maneuvering the head so she can pull it free of the tire.

“My hands are freezing,” says the mom, while she tugs, wearing an apron and flip-flops.

At last, they seem to find the right alignment for mom’s tug to pull the snake free. However, she didn’t seem quite ready to have the massive snake at her feet. She screams, “Oh, Michael!”

Her son, on the other hand, seems quite amused and congratulates her efforts, saying, “Nice job, mom! You’re a freakin’ natural!”

TikTok Seems to Agree With Trapper Mike

This video posting, tagged with #snakesgiving, has made Kimmel’s mom a bit of a TikTok star, noted the Miami Herald.

It’s now received over 4.4 million views on the platform, with 224,000 likes and 8,000 comments.

What became of the snake after the video concludes is unclear, but likely given Kimmel’s profession, we’re certain he knew what to do with it.

Have you ever encountered a snake in your garage? Would you be able to do what Trapper Mike’s mom did in this video? Let us know in the comments below.