Kylie Jenner and Stormi
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Mother and Daughter TikTok Duo Twin for Kylie Jenner Impersonation

A mother and daughter TikTok duo have gone viral for twinning in hilarious sketches, impersonating Kylie Jenner and her daughter, Stormi. It’s very apparent that the pair are close with one another but what has struck the internet is how much they look alike.

Plus, the video is really, very funny. Something that the world of TikTok obviously agrees on, as their video has received nearly 5 million views… and counting.

TikTok Duo Use Parody Account @Stormiibabii

Danielle Sylvester often collaborates with her teenage daughter, Thyri, for her hilarious TikTok videos. One in particular, though, really took off as it used audio from the parody account @Stormiibabii‘s TikTok. In the parody account’s original video, the made-up voices of Jenner and her daughter were superimposed onto characters for a nice bit of internet fun.

@stormiibabii storm storm doesn’t like when i play dress up with her #stormstorm #kyliejenner stormi you look like mommi babi – STORM STORM

Using the audio from that, Danielle and Thyri decided to show off how much they look alike, given that the main dialogue of it is, “Stormi you look like mommy baby.”

In the TikTok duo video, mother and daughter both appear, with Thyri first standing alone with the caption, “When everyone says you look like twins.”

@sylvester_danielle_ We literally get this everyday. @thyriifrazierr stormi you look like mommi babi – STORM STORM

Mom then enters the video, saying, “Stormi, you look like mommy, baby!” and the pair stand next to one another, wearing the same outfit. They stand there with the same clothes, same hairstyle, and even the same facial expressions, to emphasize their likeness.

From there, they go on to mouth the rest of the audio from the parody account. Then, have a hearty laugh together at the end… and you guessed it, their laughs are similar, too.

Comments flooded in from TikTokers everywhere, with one stating, “So she had a baby with herself. That’s the only explanation for this.” Another even truly believed that they were actually twins trying to trick everyone.

Nothing like confounding the internet with a bit of mother/daughter fun.

What do you think of this TikTok Duo and their video? Would you mistake them for twins? Let us know in the comments below.

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